The Terrace at Room for Milly Is the Spot To Try This Weekend

Room for Milly is a staple within the Denver cocktail scene, and it’s an accessible destination to sit back, relax and enjoy a nightcap. Its allure goes beyond the warm and inviting quality, cemented by the luxe, bright décor that evokes a tranquil feeling in all who visit. But for the oncoming summer months, a patio is a necessary accessory. The Terrace, Room for Milly’s new patio program, has hit the mark on every detail when it comes to fresh eats and bubbling summer booze.

Nestled alongside the perfectly decorated and quiet Platte Street is now a Parisian-inspired patio, dripping in the greenery and bright colors that Room for Milly is known for. It has a sweltering grill, too, pumping out delicious Mediterranean eats and filling noses with the smell of summer. The new, dedicated food and beverage menus feature grilled kebabs and bottled cocktails that uphold the site’s high-stake drink chops. The Terrace opens this weekend and will host every Friday and Saturday from 2-7 p.m. through Labor Day Weekend.

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Upon entering, guests are seated under green, shaded umbrellas and enjoy traditional restaurant service. There are five different cocktails to choose from – each fitted in delicate glass bottles and iced-out glasses allowing each to consume at their own speed. Its Mr. Pimm’s ($13) is a great starting point with Pimm’s No. 1, rhubarb, lemon and spiced ginger. The Hurricane Platte ($13) is a fun play on the New Orleans staple, with silver rum, passion fruit, pomegranate, lime and soda—a perfectly built summer cocktail. The Terrace also has a delicious mocktail option — the Hibiki Spritz ($13) — fashioned with juicy green tea, hibiscus, lemon and soda.

The food is fresh and light, delicately inspired by Mediterranean fare. Lamb Kofta ($5.50), Caribbean Shrimp ($5.50) and Guajillo Jackfruit ($5.50) are the three kebabs of choice, each with its own delectable details. The Kebab Plate ($16.50) is absolutely the way to go, complete with a selection of two kebabs served with a crisp quinoa salad featuring compressed cucumber, pickled red pepper and toasted almonds. We recommend adding a side of wood-fired naan ($3.50) and soaking up the leftover olive oil, lemon and spices with that mouthwatering, garlicky bread. But each choice will leave you satisfied.

Room for Milly is destined to become the new spot of the summer, and the creators of the Terrace had this in mind. Next time you walk down Platte and glance at the tropical destination from afar, stop and dig in—you won’t regret it.

The Terrace at Room for Milly is located at 1615 Platte St., Denver. It is open 2-7 p.m. every Friday and Saturday through Labor Day Weekend. 

All photography courtesy of Connor Stehr.