Beyond Light Show At The International Church of Cannabis

Denver’s “highest” rated attraction on Trip Advisor is the Beyond Light Show & Meditation at the International Church of Cannabis. Seriously, their google review rating is 4.8, compared to the likes of Disneyland, which only has a rating of 4.7.
International church of cannabis,
Photo courtesy of the International Church of Cannabis

Did you know, Denver’s “highest” rated attraction on Trip Advisor is the Beyond Light Show & Meditation at the International Church of Cannabis? But really, their Google review rating is 4.8, compared to the likes of Disneyland, which only has a rating of 4.7.

Are stoners just more likely to give a good review than Disney adults? Or has the team at the International Church of Cannabis worked together to create one of the city’s most beloved mostly family-friendly gems? 303 Magazine talked to Steve Berke, co-founder of the Church and a founding member of the religion of the Elevationists.

Photo Courtesy of International Church of Cannabis

The Beyond Light Light Show & Meditation

The show is a guided meditation that utilizes cutting-edge lights and lasers which are 3D mapped to the mural on the ceiling of the church. This is paired with a guided audio meditation that encourages self-discovery and spiritual thought in a beautiful and safe setting. If our earlier article on Disney Animation’s newest immersive exhibit was not your speed, then this should do the trick, as it leaves you feeling “highly elevated.” 

“Most light shows are projected onto a blank white wall,” says Berke. “Ours is 3D mapped on top of a world-famous mural painted by Okuda San Miguel. Okuda’s  kaleidoscopic use of color gives BEYOND an extra layer of dimensionality that is unmatched in the projection mapping world and makes our show all the more awe-inspiring.”

Aside from the Light Show, the International Church of Cannabis also has many other attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as its arcade lounge, art gallery, murals, playing Mario Kart on a 26ft movie screen or the new Ghandi’s Graffiti Garden. Then of course there is the weekly service where cannabis consumption is allowed in the church. 

It’s easy to hear the words Church and cannabis in the same sentence and write it off as a ridiculous ploy by pot-heads to smoke weed, but as is the case with the Church, Elevationists and cannabis in general, they are deeply misunderstood by their opponents — facing multiple instances of harassment from the city of Denver.

Berke has tried to do everything he can to be on the same page as the city. The Church brings in an incredible amount of tourists and traffic to local businesses. It seems that a collaborative relationship, rather than an antagonistic one between the city and the Church would be mutually beneficial.

Unfortunately, the two parties can’t seem to come to a compromise. Berke explained to 303 Magazine the story of the opening weekend of the Church. The city told them that as long as it was a private event and not public, they would be completely within their rights, however, multiple undercover officers tried to sneak in, two of which successfully infiltrated the event. This led to the city arguing that since the officers were able to gain entry that it was a public event.

Berke compared the event to a wedding, “If I have a private wedding, and two people crash it, that doesn’t mean it was a public wedding. It means that two people crashed it.” The Church is currently in the news, as the city is trying to dismantle a sculpture outside the Church. “They thought we would be throwing raves until 2 a.m. and party all the time, but we don’t do any of that,” says Berke. “We mow the lawn of all the neighbors just because.” 

The goal of the Elevationists is simple: “an individual’s spiritual journey, and search for meaning, is one of self-discovery that can be accelerated and deepened with ritual and mindful cannabis use. We use the sacred flower to reveal the best version of self, discover a creative voice and enrich our community with the fruits of that creativity.” 

Both the Elevationists and Christians abide by the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Luke 6:31. This parallel is a great example of what the group and Church actually are, an assortment of people from different beliefs and religions from all around the world that come together through a flower that has helped in their personal journey to becoming a better person. 

Photo Courtesy of International Church of Cannabis

The Church and light show are so much more than smoking weed and looking at pretty lights. It’s designed to be a transcending experience, that while absolutely breathtaking, also inspires deeper introspective thought. If you are interested in the Church and what they are doing, mildly curious, or even if you hate cannabis, the International Church of Cannabis and the Beyond Light Show is bound to be an eye-opening spectacle. The light show starts 20 minutes past the hour, every hour that the church is open. Tickets can be found here.

If the Church and Beyond aren’t enough for you, then get ready. Our high holiday is coming up on 4/20,” says Berke. They will not only be hosting their annual 4/20 Church service but after the service, there will be a members-only stand-up comedy night, with a special guest that is so secret that they can’t announce it yet.

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