Disney Animation Immersive Experience

Disneyland is on the West Coast, Disney World is on the East Coast and Denver is now home to the Disney Animation Immersive Experience. Presented by Lighthouse Immersive, the studio behind the Immersive Van Gogh Experience, Disney Animation Immersive Experience celebrates all things Disney Animated in this immersive and interactive show.

Be whisked away into the world of animation with over 259,000 feet of projections and 119,000 frames of video. Sing along with Elsa, become part of the show with interactive glowing wristbands and much more. Being surrounded by state-of-the-art tech that inserts you into Disney’s greatest hits is truly an unforgettable experience for anyone who sees it. Almost everyone has a favorite animated Disney movie from their childhood, and this gives them an opportunity to live in that world for a bit.

“I’ve grown up with these characters and worlds since childhood and so has my family. The work lends itself brilliantly to the immersive experience. Our team has created something truly special here,” said Lighthouse Immersive founder Corey Ross.

Photo Courtesy of Lighthouse Interactive and Disney, all rights reserved

There is something for everyone at Disney Animation Immersive Experience. If mesmerizing visuals are not your thing, then learn about the history of Disney Animation from Steamboat Willie to Raya and The Last Dragon, and everything in between. Learn how the animators use storyboards and how the Imagineers create visual effects for some of Disney’s best projects. This is the first time Disney has collaborated on a project like this. “It’s a dream to bring the best of animated storytelling together with the top experts in the immersive art experience. We can’t wait for audiences around the world, of all ages, to experience the great moments from our legacy of feature films in this incredible way,” said Clark Spencer, the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

The talented group at Disney Animation and Lighthouse Immersive have pulled out all the stops they could with this experience. Responsive projection design allows the characters on screen to move around according to the audience. One of the most awe-inspiring moments comes courtesy of the Gazzilion Bubble Special Effects Team, where 500,000 feet of the gallery are filled with a gazillion bubbles.

What separates Disney Animation Immersive Experience from other immersive exhibits is the magic that only Disney can produce. For better or worse, Disney’s unique brand of quirky and heartfelt has significantly shaped American and world culture over the past 100 years.

Mickey Mouse could be argued as the most recognizable character in the world next to Superman and Santa Claus. The company is worth almost 200 billion dollars. Six of the top 10 highest-grossing live-action films and seven of the top 10 highest-grossing animated films of all time are Disney properties. The point is that Disney is a major part of our culture, and getting the opportunity to experience the immersive exhibit in Denver is truly something special.

Photo Courtesy of Lighthouse Interactive and Walt Disney Animation, all rights reserved

The experience is located at Lighthouse ArtSpace Denver, 3900 Elati St. and runs through May 29. Tickets can be purchased here. Make sure to bring friends and family, as more people in your group equates to a steeper discount on ticket prices.