Streetwear Brought the Heat to Night Five of Denver Fashion Week

Local streetwear brands Idiot Cult, Efta., Gulosch Garments, Adobe Darko and WARMING showcased their collections at the Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra Venue at night five of Denver Fashion Week. Filled with sarcastic phrases, texturized pants and grungy attire, each designer brought their unique twist on the classic streetwear genre. 

Host, rapper and Colorado native Don MegaTron helped keep the audience entertained and took to the runway to perform two songs, “Gwapamole” and “Primetime.” Each performance helped ignite the audience’s energy for the rest of the night.  

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Don MegaTron performing at DFW

Idiot Cult

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Designer Morgan Febrey combined his trademark phrases with rock n’ roll hair and makeup, to create the most enticing collection yet. Idiot Cult’s commonly known sarcastic phrases, “Never heard of you” and “Your dumb” took the runway in a dark and twisted way. Febrey decorated pants, shorts, sweatshirts and t shirts with orange and black flies adding to the edginess of the collection. Models also wore sheer tights, spiked jewelry, and platform boots to really emphasize the Idiot Cult aesthetic. To conclude the collection, Febrey creatively ended with a matching graphic set that read “The ending was awesome.”  


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Efta. was the epitome of street style combining grunge and angst aesthetics with comfortable yet practical garments. From oversized sweatshirts that read “Meet me in Hell,” to robber-like face masks designer Teagan Glass brought a whole new energy to the runway. His designs were simple but always had a small twist. Whether it be the efta. logo printed down a pant leg or a giant tongue on a long sleeve shirt, it was evident that an efta. look is fit for anyone who loves comfort with a little bit of edge.

Gulosch Garments

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Combining classiness with intricate denim patchwork, designer Scooter James brought a whole new level to street style. Primarily made of muted tones, Donovan’s designs focused on ‘90s-esque looks with a 21st century flair. Models wore vests, denim with patches and playful prints making for an eclectic collection. James also spiced up each look with an accessory. Whether it was a scarf, a pair of sunglasses or a diamond encrusted necklace, each piece helped emphasize the upscale streetwear designs. 

Adobe Darko

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Known for creating pieces featuring popular logos, Adobe Darko took a different approach to this season’s streetwear collection. Though the clothing still maintained the playful eighties-esque style featuring logos, designer Chaim Bellinsky took Adobe Darko to a whole other level. By putting popular phrases like “hello,” “goodbye,” “OMG” and “BRB ” on loose fitted dresses helped make for a fun introduction to a new era of Adobe Darko. Bellinsky is also known for playing around with accessories so it was fitting that he ended his collection with a lego themed button down top, matching shorts and a lego head handbag. 


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WARMING charmed the audience with a neutral color palette and a racing inspired collection. Models wore wavy pants, matching WARMING converse and intricately detailed shirts making for a dreamy yet sporty collection. Though each piece had the WARMING logo front and center, designer Ethan Christe took logo printed clothing to a whole other level. He creatively turned WARMING into a constellation, a painting on a sweatshirt and even created a “W” wing. Christe also guided the audience through each segment playing around with the music tempo and clothing layers. As the music tempo progressed, the designs gradually grew in detail finally concluding the collection with a white and black tulle ball gown with the WARMING logo printed on top.

Night five truly was a celebration of Denver’s biggest streetstyle brands. Each grungy, innovative piece showed why Denver’s fashion community is evergrowing.

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All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.  Street style gallery by Shelby Moeller 

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Hair and Makeup Team:

Makeup: Victoria Melik, Kyle Hamilton, Nelly Hernandez, and Joan Smith 

Hair: Vickie B, Rebecca Glover, Shoshanna Detrick, Jaylene Banning, Rachel DelCid, Gwen Gomez, Jax Gratton and Hailey Hodap

Head of Hair: Paul Salas

Head of makeup: Jordyn Arielle

Editor note: Updated on 11/18 to include hair and makeup team