New Colorado Music You Should Know – November Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

Fall is in full-swing and the holiday season is right around the corner — and the local music scene is serving up a buffet of new music that includes a little something for everyone. This month’s roundup of Colorado music features rising RnB artists, new releases from indie favorites and five seriously good music videos.

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Five Up and Coming Local Acts

Pink Lady Monster

Listen if you like Death Valley Girls

If you haven’t heard of Pink Lady Monster yet, you will soon. The female solo project has recently made an appearance on bills alongside local favorite The Velveteers, gracing local stages with dreamy vocals and fuzzed out guitar riffs that ooze with psychedelic grooves.


Listen if you like FIDLAR

Denver punk outfit Antibroth plays fast and loose, rocking whatever stages will have them throughout the city. But lying deeper beneath its punk facade, Antibroth is an amalgamation of parts, whose members have roots in the indie scene and find inspiration in their own tumultuous mayhem.

Experimenting With Chaos: A Dive Into the World of Antibroth

The Elegant Plums

Listen if you like Wild Cherry

Formed in Virginia, The Elegant Plums have called The Mile High their home since 2016 — and the ever-changing group fits right in with the local funk scene, where they boast eclectic, high-energy performances that guarantee to keep audiences dancing.

Ave Emi

Listen if you like Usher

Following the release of his 2016 debut, Ave Emi remained relatively quiet, waiting two years before releasing another single. Since then, the Denver-based RnB artist has released three more singles — the most recent of which, “Slip,” is sure to delight fans of old-school Usher.

Endless, Nameless

Listen if you like Tiny Moving Parts

Noodling guitar riffs weave in and out of themselves, complicating the melodies of the songs only to slow things back down before making way for self-assured vocals, introducing Denver-based quartet, Endless, Nameless — an inventive outfit that blends genres and refuses to play by the rules.

Five New Local Songs

Covenhoven – “Crooked Little Circles”

Listen if you like The Paper Kites

Covenhoven’s latest single, “Crooked Little Circles,” opens slowly, with soft piano notes that make way for a sweeping symphony of acoustics and the easy vocals of Joel Van Horne.

David Lawrence & the Spoonful – “Whisper from the Moon (In the Morning)”

Listen if you like The Head and the Heart

David Lawrence & the Spoonful strip things back down to the most simplest form on “Whisper from the Moon (In the Morning),” which finds the local folk act singing sweetly over simple guitar picking.

Nahkeem – “Still Not A Playa”

Listen if you like T-Pain

The follow-up to last year’s COOKIES & CREAM and the second full-length release of this year, Nahkeem’s latest EP, It Was All A Dream, features six rapid-fire hip-hop tracks, including “Still Not A Playa.”

Corsicana — “The Torchbearer”

Listen if you like Lord Huron

Ben Pisano trades simple lyricism for a masterclass in poetics on Corsicana’s latest single, “The Torchbearer,” which finds the multi-instrumentalist singing sweetly over soft melodies.

Hollow Head — “Porcelain”

Listen if you like Donnovan Woods

Hollow Head dives deep into the emotional depths of indie-folks with “Porcelain,” a reimagining of their recently released song “Sober,” which comes off the local duo’s album A Spark of Madness.

Five New Local Music Videos

church fire — “fear my bad time”

Listen if you like Bestial Mouths

Four long years after the release of their last album — Summer Camp Doom Diary — church fire is finally back with another full-length, Puppy GodAnd along with releasing a new album just last month, the local indie-rockers have also released a new music video for their song “fear my bad time,” which transports listeners to a digital dystopia.

Barbara — “Houdini”

Listen if you like

Barbara’s latest music video finds the female trio sleepwalking through the mundane aspects of life only to discover that something unexpected lies hidden amongst the ordinary.

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Record Thieves – “Fault Lines”

Listen if you like Handguns

Record Thieves’ latest music video embodies everything pop-punk fans love about the scene — from skateboards and cheap beer to fast and fun guitar riffs and angsty lyrics.

OKO TYGRA – “West Coast (is burning)”

Listen if you like Purity Ring

Flashing scenes of the world and society in decline plague the screen in Oko Tyra’s latest music video, which glitches through an everchanging slideshow of chaos and destruction.

The Velveteers — “See Me”

Listen if you like L.A. Witch

The Velveteers‘ latest music video finds front woman Demi Demitro center stage, working her magic in the moonlight while she holds candlelight vigil, only for the scenes to slowly transform to something almost dreamlike.