Show You Should Know — The California Honeydrops To Move Your Body & Soul

Hailing from Oakland but known for generously bringing the funk across state lines, The California Honeydrops embarked on their fall tour last week with a stop scheduled in Colorado this Friday. What’s quickly become a yearly tradition of these soul-making, booty-shaking California boys to throw an epic dance party is the epitome of a good time. Having made the rounds a few times already since its grand opening in 2019, the Honeydrops are returning to the Mission Ballroom for some serious fun during their annual Denver visit.

Friday night not only celebrates the Honeydrops’ return to Colorado, but also the release of the band’s newest album, Soft Spot, out earlier this month. The album, which is described as “all soul, all groove, and all love; all at once,” is sure to bring some new heat to the Mission Ballroom stage alongside the old tunes that the band has become beloved for since their 2008 inception. The Honeydrops have been well-known for years for having a hugely eclectic fan base, thanks to the vast diversity of their music that spans across genres and leaves no audience member left un-dancing, and Friday night will undoubtedly be no different.

One of the Honeydrops’ greatest traits is that they bring the live experience into the studio and provide you with all of the feels, even through a mere speaker. “We continued the Honeydrops’ album tradition of bringing special musical guests to bless the studio with their magic,” said drummer Ben Malament about the album. “Sousaphones, strings, space echoes…it’s all here.” With the help of Johnny Bones on tenor sax and clarinet, keyboardist Lorenzo Loera and bassist Beau Beauilleu, the Honeydrops have “built a powerful, full-band sound” that literally anyone can vibe to.

The California Honeydrops

Photo courtesy of The California Honeydrops

While truly incendiary on recordings, the studio magic manages to multiply when the band is onstage. If you’ve had the ultimate pleasure of witnessing them perform live before, then you’re already familiar with the oozing charisma from every single player, each of who are led by frontman, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lech Wierzynski. Between sing-alongs, repeat-after-mes, throw-your-hands-in-the-airs and all sorts of other audience interactions, Wierzynski and his sweet, sensual vocals make him the optimal showman. The show, performance, party — whatever you want to call it — is not an opportunity to be missed. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to hop on the Honeywagon and have yourself a real good time.

Get tickets to The California Honeydrops at the Mission Ballroom on Friday, October 21 here.