New Colorado Music You Should Know – April Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

Colorado finally seems to be shaking off the chill of winter — at least as far as the weather app’s forecast can see — and the arrival of warmer weather is a subtle reminder that it’s time to update your playlists with something fresh and new for spring. And if you need some suggestions, we’ve got you covered with the latest in local music.

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Five Up and Coming Local Acts

Crêpe Girl

Listen if you like Gabrielle Aplin

Crêpe Girl has quietly been hiding out of sight from much of the local scene’s attention, garnering thousands of listeners on Spotify since the 2020 release of her debut single, Loverboy. The Colorado-based artist weaves her soft vocals with sweet melodies and warm harmonies, drawing you in like a familiar friend.

Silver Screen Fantasy

Listen if you like Jordan Rakei

With a debut release all the way back in 2018, Silver Screen Fantasy is by no means a new addition to the local music scene. However, after only two years, Silver Screen Fantasy pulled back and quickly fell off many’s radar. Now, after a break that lasted as long as the project’s initial lifespan, Silver Screen Fantasy is back with a new release — and plans to expand and evolve.


Listen if you like Oscar Mulero

On Spotify, flawlosphere’s namesake is defined as “a permeating realm of ruinous tonality gradually declining towards disorder.” While that description might be a bit complex and hard to describe the nature of, it’s an apt description of flawlosphere’s masterclass in electronics.

David Bernot

Listen if you like Gene Ammons

David Bernot properly introduced himself to Denver with the release of his jazzy debut album, Never-Ending Cycle. The 10-track release waltzes listeners through just over an hour of jazz.

Fruta Brutal

Listen if you like Toro Y Moi

Fruta Brutal defies genre — just when you think a song is about to evolve into the soundtrack for your next disco dance party, a funky beat sneaks in to surprise you. And while layering diverse influences can easily create an unlistenable mess, Fruta Brutal proves that they have what it takes to invent new rules.

Five New Local Songs

Trayce Chapman – “Olive Street”

Listen if you like 6lack

While it isn’t the first song, if you can’t listen to the full album, “Olive Street” might be the best introduction to Trayce Chapman’s latest project. Not only is it the longest, but it’s also packed with hip-hop influence that spans the spectrum, easing you in before the relentless pace takes you on a journey where your only respite is to catch your breath with the album’s next track, “The Winds,” which picks up right where “Olive Street” drops you off.

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Edwina Maben – “Go Tell Yesterday”

Listen if you like King Princess

A transplant to the Denver, Edwina Maben gets intimate with the local music scene on “Go Tell Yesterday” — a track that explores both the physical and the emotional scars Maben was left with as a result of an autoimmune condition. Despite her past turmoils, her latest single is an upbeat and inspiring single.

Fast Eddy – “Milwaukee”

Listen if you like Thin Lizzy

“Milwaukee” could easily be traded with any other song from Fast Eddy’s latest release, Take a Look — from top to bottom, the album provides a sampler of classic rock ‘n’ roll. Nestled snugly after the opening track, “Milwaukee” summons the symphonic rebellion of Lynyrd Skynyrd before the album ramps up its pace on “Kill City.”

A Hundred Drums – “Dream State”

Listen if you like Lab Group

“Dream State” is the result of an out-of-the box collaboration between local A Hundred Drums and Pittsburgh-based DJ Afterthought. The downtempo track builds slowly before the first drop in the song tears it all back down only to rebuild again.

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Drunken Hearts – “New Reseda”

Listen if you like Tom Petty

Drunken Hearts’ latest release, Wildflower Sessions, sits at five tracks totaling just over 20 minutes — and every moment of it has an accompanying video, which stands as a testament to the time and dedication that the group committed to the release. “New Reseda” opens the EP, and recounts a trip to its namesake in California.

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Five New Local Music Videos

mlady – “Magnifying Glass”

Listen if you like Mitski

mlady’s “Magnifying Glass” starts with a slow and simple melody, drawing you into the scene, giving you a front seat to watch its creation unfold. As the music swells, the scene complicates to match the emotion of the song — and before you realize it, you’ve journeyed to where the scene meets its gruesome end.

People Like Me – “Blindsided”

Listen if you like Ludo

People Like Me are grappling with life lessons in every track — but they have a damn good time doing it. Their latest music video, “Blindsided,” sees a lovelorn witch sacrificing the band with the hopes of bewitching her absentee lover.

Bear and the Beasts – “Boat Drinks”

Listen if you like Traveling Wilburys

The Salt Lick had the best view in the Hi-Dive for Bear and the Beasts performance of “Boat Drinks” — fortunately for us, the local music collective caught the whole experience on video. The recent release provides fans with an up-close-and-personal taste of Bear and the Beasts rocking out at one of Denver’s best local venues.

Verses the Inevitable – “Dark Matter”

Listen if you like Johnny Flynn

Clouds roll behind golden hills as Verses the Inevitable captures your attention with soft harmonies in “Dark Matter,” before the reflection of the galaxy in pools of water softly asks for your awareness.

King Cardinal – “Runaway”

Listen if you like Mark Knopfler

King Cardinal’s latest music video accompanies their recently released single, “Runaway,” a captivating track that features the band’s new lineup of familiar local favorites — like Ben Wysocki of The Fray. Written early in the band’s career, “Runaway” underwent a subtle transformation for its release, making it a perfect introduction to the reimagined King Cardinal.

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