Get Your Booze on at Meow Wolf’s Adulti-Verse

If you’ve been in Denver but haven’t made it to Convergence Station, it’s time to go. The immersive art experience, first started by the Meow Wolf art collective in Santa Fe, has taken Denver by storm since it opened in September 2021. The multilevel warehouse — or “multiverse” filled with art installations, off-the-wall actors and what appears to be scene dressings from Blade Runner — is truly a unique spot in the Mile High City. 

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All photography by Brandon Johnson.

This year, Meow Wolf launched The Adulti-Verse, the 21-plus way to visit the art experience. No kids allowed and three bars spread across exhibits set The Adulti-Verse apart from the standard experience. At the bars, you can find an eclectic selection of beers like 4 Noses “El Jefe” ($9) — an imperial stout with coffee and cinnamon that’s reminiscent of a churro. Sip on cans of rosé ($14) from Odell Brewing’s new wine concept The OBC Wine Project, unique ciders from the Colorado Cider Company, including a lemongrass-infused option named “Grasshop-Ah” ($11) and simple mixed drinks. It’s a nice change of pace to kick back in the book chair with a pint or listen to the Gremlin Symphony with a glass of wine.

The vibe is a little slower — or as Meow Wolf puts it, a “not-so-hyper space.” It’s a great experience for those looking to explore the multiverse without the hustle and bustle of kids running around. One can’t help but wonder what the creative minds behind Meow Wolf could do if they really turned their eye to making cocktails and presenting drinks. But in Denver, we’re spoiled for choice in cocktails and Convergence Station is an exciting experience any time of the day — the drinks and conspicuous lack of children are just a silver lining. 

So if you’d prefer to enjoy Convergence Station at the speed of adults, or if you’d like to wander through the psychedelic display with a local libation, then the Adulti-Verse is right up your alley.

Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station is located at 1338 1st St, Denver. The Adulti-Verse is open two nights a month you can find a schedule here. Photos taken on 2/2 — mask mandates may no longer be in place. 

All photography by Brandon Johnson.