How To Choose Your Locksmith

According to Niso Aharonian, the founder of EZ Locksmith, choosing your locksmith requires trust above all else. “I treat every home like my own,” he said. EZ Locksmith has serviced the Denver Metro Area for over a decade, providing everything from assistance in emergency lockouts, lock changes and other security-related issues to residential, commercial and automotive customers.

As the Denver housing market continues to surge, we sat down with Aharonian to learn about what makes a good locksmith and why it’s so important.

Photo courtesy of EZ Locksmith

When homeowners step into their new property, it is unknown how many key copies are out there. Aharonian and his team of locksmiths recommend first replacing the hardware or at least rekeying the locks. “For security reasons, all of my customers like to have one master key for the house. It gives them the ability to have access to all the locks in the house using one single key, offering more convenience,” Aharonian said.

His passion for home security is rooted in honesty and reliability. It’s no secret that the Mile High City struggles with home invasion crimes, just like other major cities across the country. In 2020, Denver property crimes skyrocketed. EZ Locksmith is available 24 hours a day and ready to assist in the direst of circumstances.

EZ Locksmith

Photo courtesy of EZ Locksmith.

As a family-owned company, each employee at EZ Locksmith undergoes rigorous training for things like ensuring the proper installation of high-security locks on doors and windows at an affordable price, for example.

When choosing the best locksmith for you, start by asking detailed questions and checking reviews. Aharonian says customer service is the first step to knowing when to trust someone in entering your home.

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