Denverites Can Get Cannabis Delivered Right to Their Doorstep

It’s official — there’s nothing in this world you want that you can’t get delivered right to your doorstep. Cannabis is the newest addition to the long list of industries that have created a new channel of business that aligns with consumer demand for convenient shopping. Coloradans can now enjoy quick and easy delivery services from a handful of your favorite local cannabis shops.

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We sat down with Neil Demers, CEO of Frost Exotic Cannabis, to understand the implementation process for offering delivery services for Denver and Aurora customers. Demers is excited about the fact that delivery continues to grow month over month.

“Providing delivery to Denver was a logical next step in our customer service journey and we look forward to expanding delivery service to other areas as regulations allow,” he said. He says he’s most excited about the reimagined retail experience and a new pipeline to engage with cannabis consumers.

303 Magazine set out to discover which dispensaries are offering cannabis delivery services for our readers who enjoy marijuana recreationally or medically.

Colorado Harvest Company

Photo courtesy of Colorado Harvest Company.

Where: 1568 S. Broadway, Denver

Delivery Fees: $45 delivery minimum, $8.10 delivery fee.

Denver Kush Club

Photo courtesy of Denver Kush Club.

Where: 2615 Welton St. Denver

Delivery Fees: $5 minimum, $10 delivery fee. Free delivery for orders over $100.

Frost Exotic Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Frost Cannabis.

Where: 2949 W Alameda Ave, Denver

Delivery Fees: Free delivery with no minimum purchase.

Mighty Tree

Photo courtesy of Mighty Tree.

Where: 2268 S Delaware St, Denver

Delivery Fees: $40 order minimum, $19.99 delivery fee.

Strawberry Fields

Photo courtesy of Strawberry Fields.

Where: 3435 S Yosemite St, Denver

Delivery Fees: Free delivery from 12:30 – 9 p.m.

Terrapin Care Station

Photo courtesy of Terrapin Care Station.

Where: 11091 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora (only servicing the city of Aurora)  

Delivery Fees: $50 order minimum, $10 fee. Delivery available Thursday-Saturday. Use code ‘DELIVER10’ for 10% of your first delivery order.

303 Magazine will update this list as more dispensaries with permits launch their delivery services.