We Tried It – Connecting With Guardian Angels at Denver’s New Psychic Healing Center

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If you know your birth chart off the top of your head — or have ever asked a guy for his birth time — this one is for you. Recently opened in Cherry Creek, Psychic Healing Center of Aspen offers a new perspective to the Denver wellness community.

The brand new business offers group classes focused on spiritual healing and communication with spirits. We decided to attend their Guardian Angels course and see if it is worth the hype.

Photo Courtesy of Life Purpose Shaman

The Basics

Communicating with God, angels and spirits at just 5 years old, founder Life Purpose Shaman says she was mentored by famous spiritual leaders such as Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II and the Dalai Lama in her journey to become a Shaman. For over 30 years, Life Purpose Shaman has dedicated her life to guiding people in finding their true destiny and connecting with their soulmates. 

Her bright, crystal-filled space is meant to be healing. Offering both group and one-on-one sessions, Life Purpose Shaman provides a range of spiritual services. From guardian angel and spirit guide communication to chakra healing and past life karmic healing — this Third Avenue store is a place unlike any other in Cherry Creek. 

The class I attended was focused on connecting with our own guardian angels. At $50 per ticket, the Shaman would be guiding us in understanding our own angels, as well as communicate any messages they have to share with us.

Photo Courtesy of Psychic Healing Center of Aspen

The Experience

Nine of us gathered in a semi-circle on the floor, taking in the bright, serene space as we sat on our pillows. We were given no instructions prior to class other than to dress comfortably and avoid wearing metal because it hinders the Shaman’s movement of energy within us. It was a diverse mixture of people attending the Saturday morning Guardian Angel Communication session. But, we all shared one thing in common: pure curiosity. 

In front of us sat Life Purpose Shaman, greeting each of us individually before starting the class. She began by explaining the concept of guardian angels which, to my surprise, did not mean people from our lives who were watching over us. She explained that guardian angels are not actually people, but rather non-human angels individually assigned to protect and guide us. 

Before commencing our first group meditation, she asked for permission to be honest. She explained that, with permission, she will not hold back saying whatever the spirits communicate to her — no matter how brutal (or embarrassing) it could potentially be with the group. A nervous chuckle rose through the group as we all, hesitantly, agreed.

Our first meditation was done standing, our right foot placed out in front of us with our palms facing outwards to receive. She circled around the group with a sound bath — a meditative healing tool used to immerse one in sound. Our eyes were closed, but you could feel the sound bath surrounding us as she connected with each of our energies.

As she closed the first meditation and we all sat back on our pillows, we learned quickly that she had warned us well. One by one she communicated what she saw and heard from our angels about our lives. Her honesty was brutal, but by the shock on everyone’s faces as it got to their turn — seemingly accurate. She saw visions of our childhoods, recalled relationships that had impacted us in our lives. The semi-circle of strangers quickly became bonded by knowing the most intimate details about what we needed to fix in our lives.

I brought along my best friend to the session and felt the excited tap on my knee as Life Purpose Shaman spoke to me. I’ll spare you all the details of my personal life, but her taps were meant as a signal: “Oh my god, she’s right.” I did the same to my friend as it got to her turn, the Shaman speaking about things we had discussed just earlier that day.

The next two meditations followed a similar process, the sound bath creating a connection between the Shaman and each individual in the group. We were told to recall colors and feelings we saw when thinking about the messages the guardian angels had given us — a representation of the blockages we have in our chakras and the areas we needed fixing in our lives. 

While it was powerful hearing her speak directly to you, the most moving part of the class was observing the reactions of others in the group. You could hear in their voices the excitement, the feeling of being seen. They shared intimate stories that tied to what the Shaman was communicating — fights with their loved ones, an illness that had put their life at a standstill.

We ended the session by forming a circle, mimicking holding hands (COVID-19 precaution) as we gathered together as a group one last time. The room felt lighter as we broke away, filled with strangers sharing stories about their lives — once again curious to know more. 

Photo Courtesy of Psychic Healing Center of Aspen

The Verdict

In the age of astrology girls and asking for birth times — it is easy to be skeptical of courses such as these. Many of us brush off spirituality as a “woo-woo” topic, unwilling to explore it entirely.

On her website, Life Purpose Shaman beautiful states, “I have discovered that those who fail in receiving healing are those who lack belief in the healing itself.” 

I do not consider myself to be the most spiritual of people, but simply watching the reactions of the group around me gave me something to believe in. No matter what belief you ascribe to — whether that be angels and spirit guides or nothing at all — the class is a unique experience I recommend giving a try with an open mind.

Psychic Healing Center of Aspen is located at 2910 East 3rd Ave., Denver. Life Purpose Shaman offers both one-on-one and group sessions focused on spiritual guidance and healing. To learn more about upcoming events or to book a session, visit the website or call 720-387-7161.