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Photo Courtesy of Third Space Yoga

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As the old adage goes, when it rains, it pours. A few weeks back we posted our review of VASA Fitness’ new infrared panel yoga class. Meanwhile, over in Rino, Third Space Yoga was just opening its doors — offering dedicated yogis a similar infrared panel system. We thought it would be fun to give this location a go and compare the two classes!

Photo Courtesy of Third Space Yoga

The Basics

Taking over the old Lacuna Juice and Yoga location in Rino, veteran and woman-owned business Third Space Yoga opened August 30, 2021. Relocating from New York City, husband and wife team Madeleine Page and Josh Greenwood fell in love with the Lawerence Street space and decided to bring the stunning studio back to life. Specializing in infrared panel hot yoga, it offers a wide range of classes for any skill level. 

“We’re really operating under the belief that yoga is for everybody,” said Page. “We are really striving to be a place where you come in and feel like you can do this. We want there to be a class for every level, every mood.” 

With five different class styles offered, they seem to be accomplishing that mission. From their Third Space Roots to their Core Flow, each class presents varying challenge levels and focuses. Each utilizes the Infrared Radiant Panel system, which is believed to have a number of health benefits including detoxifying, increased muscle flexibility, and reduced pain and inflammation. 

Pricing at Third Space runs around the average for studios around Denver. While drop-ins will run you $25, it currently offers a $50 dollar intro month — quite the steal for 30 days of yoga. It also offers 5 or 10 class packs ranging from $110-$200, as well as unlimited memberships up to $155/month. 

Photo Courtesy of Third Space Yoga on Instagram

The Experience

Having been a frequent Lacuna visitor, I was eager to see how the new business transformed the space. Page gave me a quick tour of the studio before class, and I was pleasantly surprised by the upgrades. While the yoga space itself has stayed largely the same, the kitchen had been transformed into showers — offering members a much-needed upgrade for that post-hot yoga sweat. 

I am always hesitant to walk into boutique yoga studios. While I have been practicing yoga for years, it is easy to feel unwelcome in these classes — dedicated yogis bending themselves into shapes that I am certain would break me in half. However, walking into this studio’s popular Freestyle Flow class, the vibe was nothing but friendly with smiling yogis greeting each other as they made their way into the studio. 

Similar to the last review, Third Space utilizes infrared panels to bring the heat. For its STUDIO FLOW class, VASA keeps the room at a comfortable 70 degrees, the panel above each mat heating you as you move. In contrast, Third Space heats its studio to a toasty 102 degrees during class, paired with humidifiers in each corner of the room. This gave the class the more traditional hot yoga feel I missed at VASA, and it definitely gets you sweaty. 

Most heated yoga studios feel simply like standing in a hot room. You break a sweat, and it definitely gets the job done, but it can often feel uncomfortable while working out. However, the combination of humidity and infrared paneling created a hot yoga experience unlike any other I have had. This heat feels more like being wrapped in a blanket, giving a more natural and soothing feeling throughout the class. 

Page led a beautifully sequenced flow of traditional yoga movements paired with some much-needed full-body stretching. My favorite part of the class was the portion dedicated entirely to building wrist strength — something crucial to all workouts yet so often overlooked. A broad range of modifications was offered throughout the class as well, making it a safe space for people of all skill levels to feel comfortable practicing.

Maybe it’s the East Coaster in me, but I typically despise the final Shavasana. As someone who likes to be on the move, I often struggle to spend the last few minutes of a yoga class in stillness — my mind wandering to my to-do list or what I want to watch on Netflix that night. However, at the end of the class, I found myself much more relaxed than usual. I blame it on the infrared heat, a sense of coziness in the room rather than discomfort. After the final namaste, we were given the option to remain in Shavasana. To my surprise, I stayed a few minutes longer, leaving with a sense of renewal I had no idea I needed. 

Photo Courtesy of Third Space Yoga on Instagram

The Verdict

As more studios begin to implement the infrared paneling system, it will be interesting to see the variety between these classes. While VASA offers a great, nearly sweat-free hot yoga option, a class at Third Space will leave you sweaty and rejuvenated. If you are on the hunt for a more traditional hot yoga feel with all the benefits of infrared heat, Third Space is the way to go. 

Third Space Yoga is located at 2590 Lawrence St., Denver. Drop-in classes are $25 dollars, with a number of membership and class packs available ranging from $110-$155. To learn more about their $50 Intro Month promotion and class schedule, visit their website or check them out on Instagram

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