We Tried It – Colorado’s Newest Infrared Panel Yoga Studio at VASA Fitness

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Summer may be cooling down, but VASA Fitness is bringing the heat. The gym’s Westminster location is the first to debut their new STUDIO FLOW yoga class, offering a new take on traditional hot yoga. The studio utilizes individual infrared panels to heat up your yoga practice, and 303 wanted to see what it was all about.

Photo Courtesy of VASA Fitness

The Basics 

VASA Fitness is a gym chain offering a little bit of something for everyone. With 48 locations across the country and 11 in Colorado alone, it is an easily accessible option for people of all fitness levels. On top of the open floor gym, they offer a menu of over 150 different classes ranging from HIIT to cycling to resistance training. A membership gives you a bang for your buck, offering unlimited access to the open gym floor at any location for as low as $9.99/month. Access to classes and other amenities starts at $21.99/month, and VASA offers a trial pass for your first visit. 

The newest addition to VASA’s long list of classes is a 45-minute STUDIO FLOW yoga class. Making its debut at their brand new Westminster location on Federal Boulevard, the class utilizes infrared panels to heat the body directly. Similar to a hot yoga class, the panels bring a wide range of health benefits to your yoga practice — boasting improved circulation, pain relief, detoxification and overall improved relaxation. This class is available to their Studio Members, which is priced at $39.99/month. 

Photo Courtesy of VASA Fitness

The Experience 

My experiences with hot yoga have always been in the traditional studio setting, stepping into a steamy room where temperatures up to 103 degrees. In those classes, you feel the heat instantly, sweat dripping before the class even starts. So walking into the yoga studio at VASA Fitness, I was surprised to find the room was at a comfortable 70 degrees. Mats were laid out across the room, each positioned directly underneath its own infrared panel.

Getting situated on my mat, I started to feel the gentle heat above me. Simply by stepping on and off your mat you can feel the subtle difference in temperatures around you, similar to stepping in and out of the shade on a sunny day. The ambiance of the studio was fitting for the class, the dim red hue of the lights adding another element of relaxation.

Our wonderful instructor, Kelsey Samson, began the class by bringing us all together for some cleansing breathes — a much-needed moment of calmness before we began our movement.

The class itself was simple, guiding us through a gentle vinyasa that focused on stretching and lengthening. Though it’s considered their “fast-flow” class, it was extremely beginner-friendly. Many of the people in the class had no prior yoga experience and found the movements to be simple and non-intimidating.  VASA will also be offering a slower-style class, focusing more on each pose rather than moving through a flow.

As for the heat, it was hardly noticeable. One of the downsides of traditional hot yoga classes is leaving drenched in sweat. With STUDIO FLOW, you hardly break a sweat, but still received many of the benefits you would have in a traditional hot yoga studio. It feels like less of a workout, but still an amazing session for stretching and relaxing. This is a great option for people who want the hot yoga experience, but don’t want the commitment of an hour-long shower afterward.

Photo Courtesy of VASA Fitness

The Verdict 

If you are on the go but still want to get your yogi on, STUDIO FLOW is a great option for you. The infrared heat will leave you feeling toasty but not dripping in sweat, and the class is welcoming for people of any yoga background. 

VASA Fitness has 11 locations around Colorado. Their Westminster gym is located at 7353 Federal Blvd in Westminster. Learn more about pricing and class schedules here. Use promo code FLOWVIP to join for $0 down and get the first month free.