Rino Is Blessed With Another Ice Cream Shop Opening

Getting to heaven is easier than it may seem, especially since this decadent ice cream oasis has opened up another location in the RiNo neighborhood. That will be the third Heaven Creamery location to open and the second of 2021. Heaven Creamery arrived in Denver in 2020 as a rebrand from KIWI International Delights & Coffee Co. Owner Martha Trillo saw her success in the small town of Avon and knew the next steps were the big city. However, upon arrival she decided to keep the name short and sweet, thus Heaven Creamery it became. It was a clear choice with the nostalgic nirvana that ice cream provides the public. 

Most of Denver knows Larimer Street in RiNo as brewery and restaurant-centric row, but recently it has been incorporating more sugar to contend with all the savory spots. Folks can find chocoholics flocking to Temper in the Denver Central Market for a bunch of bonbons. The shuttered doors of Yours Truly Cupcake was just the space for Right Cream to host a service window on the weekend for fizz floats, sundaes, surprises and pint pick up. Thankfully we can still have our cake, as they moved down the block. Nevertheless, Heaven Creamery comes to this part of town to impart their innovative takes on ice cream as well.

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Trillo and her family seem like the unlikely crew to proudly own an ice cream shop as they are lactose intolerant. Knowing they aren’t alone in this struggle for a frozen treat, at least half of their case uses a coconut milk substitute. However, looking through the case, they all radiate the lovely natural colors that make the homemade element come through immediately.

For the most part, they want flavors like mango, passionfruit, dragon fruit and cocoa to come through all on their own without cane sugar pulling any weight. As they escape the artificial additives, the embodiment of the clean Colorado lifestyle becomes more present. Except for America’s favorite — crumbled cookies in Cookies N’ Cream — because everyone deserves to be a little devilish sometimes. Continue on a trek to the dark side with a taste of their charcoal flavor that definitely looks the part.

Martha Trillo, the angel that gave Denver Heaven Creamery.

A case full of unique flavors mark many shops, so Heaven Creamery puts itself above the rest with preparations unseen at other spots. Folks flock to their Centennial location for the gelato panini. Rather than a cookie sandwiching a scoop, they split a plush brioche bun to heat one of their scoops. The gelato begins to melt but without hesitation, the airy bun begins to soak it up.

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The wide-eyed glee sushi diners get as they see rolls mounted atop a wooden boat sailing close to their table — or dock — is also had at Heaven Creamery shockingly enough. A sweetened version of sticky rice gets wrapped around both a rainbow of fruits — the ice cream acts as the finishing sweet touch to each piece rather than the spice of wasabi (depending on which flavor)

For the summer, the Cherry Creek location found a way to incorporate gelato into a health kick among the workout classes and juice bars in the neighborhood. Has Heaven Creamery found a way for children to enjoy eating vegetables with Insalata di Gelato? What sounds like a smoothie base — avocado, spinach, banana, kale, and spirulina — are spun with a coconut base in an ice cream machine rather than a blender. Sprouts spring from the scoop and a touch of coconut flakes for crunch — as all salads need.

RiNo has some creativity of its own as this art district would demand. The other locations embodied the tropics with a half coconut bowl to hold their dynamic flavored treats. Now Heaven Creamery is streamlining for fall with their pumpkin spice sitting in a mini pumpkin for a gourd-eous presentation. Their Belgium waffles make it seem like breakfast could start here and the RiNo location affirms that even more with gluten-free crepes making the menu as well.

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Heaven Creamery’s newest location maintains the angelic status that has people and Instagram excited to see what’s next. Thus, the presentation and flavors have people hopping in their cars to head to heaven rather than take a stairway.

Heaven Creamery is located at 2935 Larimer St., Denver. It’s open from 12 – 9:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday. Hours extend to 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, then on weekends until 11 p.m.

All photos courtesy of Heaven Creamery.