This Blogger’s Treats Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A sugary treat is always eye-catching, whether it’s sitting on a counter doused in chocolate or captured on social media stopping people from scrolling. This became evident for Denver-based blogger Jennifer Mackenchery as her original plan for an Instagram documenting her food-centric adventures converted into pictures of her over-the-top baked creations.

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Banana Bread. Photo by Jennifer Mackenchery.

Mackenchery — known as All the Sweets and Other Eats on Instagram — has over 19k followers who enjoy the likes of smores banana bread, muddy buddy cookies and mint Oreo chocolate chip brownies. Her photographs decadently zoom in on melted chocolate drips and drizzles of Nutella — a crowd favorite. While she documents some local bakeries on her platforms, the treats she mainly focuses on showcasing are her own. Her Instagram content lands with many, but she says her heart belongs to her blog.

Baking and treats always lingered in Mackenchery’s mind even as a special educations teacher. Even though she loved teaching, she realized it was time to spread her knowledge of baking. Her blog emerged from a school project in graduate school when her class was instructed to create an education program. Others wrote children’s books and curriculums but Mackenchery wrote about the proper amount of brown sugar in brownies and rising agents in cakes. This started her blogging and side gig of creating recipes, which took to full fruition in 2020.

As a teacher turned baker, Mackenchery is rarely at a loss for content. Her blog’s exponential growth continues to consume more and more of her time — but she doesn’t mind. In fact, it allows her to feel more connected to her family.

“My grandma ate ice cream every day for lunch,” said Mackenchery. “I saw that as a kid and realized how much my whole family bonds over our undeniable sweet tooth.”

Mackenchery digging into one of her treats. Photo by Jennifer Mackenchery.

“I knew I could make something out of [my baking] as more people commented on posts asking for the recipe or even saying ‘I need this.’ It was a sign that either I was going to help them make it or I was going to make it for them,” said Mackenchery.

Side hustles are no stranger to Mackenchery. As someone always wound up with energy, sitting still was replaced by creating in the kitchen. Thus, feeling the burnout of teaching right before the pandemic became the moment she decided to go all-in. Through this act of fearlessness, she still had moments of doubt as she navigated life as a recipe developer. But she stayed fully devoted to her blogging and recipe development as it turned into a daily hustle.

For those afraid of being unable to recreate Mackenchery’s whimsical treats in their home kitchen, she currently runs weekly drop-offs with a rotating menu. This idea derived from the other home baking pop-ups that have come to fruition from the pandemic — Mtn High Challah being a main. She transformed her kitchen into a baking studio and her car into the delivery truck, thereby converting her house into a full operation.

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Ice Cream Sundae Cookie available for weekly pick up. Photo by Jennifer Mackenchery.

Her rotating weekly menu features top cookie recipes. The chocolate chip cookies are a non-negotiable presence on the menu. This returning face pairs with seasonal favorite apple pie or the nostalgic nod of strawberry peanut butter and jelly. Mackenchery accepts custom orders as well. Local cookie monsters can have her sweets by ordering through direct messaging on Instagram. She accepts orders until Friday and either pickup or delivery takes place on the weekends — the perfect time for a treat to get over the workweek.

In the end, the joy of capturing that luscious, sugary shot ends Mackenchery’s days with joy. A nine-to-five taxes most, but 12 hours in the kitchen leaves Mackenchery alive.

Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes. Photo by Jennifer Mackenchery.

A bakery isn’t in the blueprint just yet. However, maybe that will come with 50,000 followers. Or maybe when Mackenchery caters to her obsessive commentators. Each new mouthwatering picture that pops up just gets fans hungrier and hungrier.