Acclaimed ‘World Famous HotBoys’ to Touch Down This Weekend for a Series of Block Parties and Pop-Ups

On Friday, April 9, the World Famous HotBoys‘ newly-minted “Foo Truck” will arrive in Denver, bringing with it a selection of sandwiches, tenders, loaded fries and “bonuts” straight from the menu of its incredibly successful brick and mortars in Oakland and Sacramento. Originally opened in December 2019, the project has grown from a backyard pop-up into two successful standalone locations. This will be the truck’s first stop on an ongoing mission to spread what is clearly a proper gospel of hand-crafted heat and sauce.

Founded by Vic Ghaben and Berk Gibbs — who met while living in Boulder in 2009 — the project was imagined while both were still pursuing careers in the music business. Serving friends and family since 2017, the pair have adjusted the recipe into its current iteration after plenty of research and development in Nashville was combined with the noble desire to create a truly all-time sandwich. Shortly after opening the Oakland location, the concept snowballed, garnering attention from local and national publications.

“I think a big part of why we’ve been so successful at getting people to notice us is our unique flavor both in the food and style. Our brand of hot chicken is completely our own and our style in how we bring people to our table is infectious — in a good way. We put a lot of ourselves into this project and the authenticity and vibe seem to have resonated with the people it attracts. On top of that the food is hella good,” said Ghaben.

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Prior to finding success in fowl out west, Gibbs was an important player in Denver’s developing electronic underground, previously co-owning the brand and label Elm and Oak with Pnuma Trio and Paper Diamond’s Alex Botwin. Tonight’s showcase will act as something of a homecoming, with Gibbs — who DJs and creates under the name Berk Visual — spinning a special set in celebration of his birthday. Situated to take place at Fort Greene, the evening was facilitated by Door Prize‘s Mary Allison Wright and McLain Hedges. Saturday will see a similar setup outside of Mister Oso, though the festivities will begin in time for lunch.

While Friday and Saturday’s events are certainly far from trifling, it’s the Sunday mini fleas that may best exemplify Hotboys’ commitment to both cuisine and style. Curated by some friends at Thriftcon, each day will showcase some of its top vintage sellers. An exclusive t-shirt will also be released in collaboration with local all-over-print tee guru BackStockCo. World-renowned balloon street artist Balloonski will be onsite each day, cementing the party with his original balloon sculptures.

Even though the truck only has four dates currently on the books, the duo has expressed interest in creating additional happenings in the interim.

“In fact, we’re looking. If anybody got a dope spot with a bunch of chicken hungry homies let us know. I’m trying to host a hot hot challenge somewhere too so any spice lords out there get at me,” said Gibbs.

“You know what time it is Denver,” added Ghaben.

World Famous HotBoys’ Foo Truck will begin serving at Fort Greene at 321 East 45th Ave., Denver on Friday, April 9 at 4 p.m. – sold out. The next stop will be at Mister Oso at 3163 Larimer St., Denver on Saturday, April 10 from 12 p.m. – sold out.

On Sunday, April 11 and Sunday, April 18 it will host a series of mini fleas at Taxi at 3455 Ringsby Ct., Denver with live music, art, vintage clothing and other entertainment. Each one will go from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

All photography courtesy of World Famous HotBoys.