This Week in Concerts – Dzirae Gold, Smoakland, Elllsworth and More

This week’s concerts are going by fast in Denver. Despite the increasing number of shows, any slight hesitation will cost you a seat. In the time it took to create this article, several shows were completely booked. That said, there’s still plenty of genres and shows to choose from in the Mile High City. With early, late and livestream shows, there’s no reason to skip your fix on live music. To stay up-to-date on the concerts this week and weeks to come, make sure to follow 303 Music on 303 Magazine.

The Black Box

Smoakland, weekly concerts, this week in concerts

Smoakland. Photo courtesy of Smoakland Facebook.

3/30 – Electronic Tuesdays: Dopel, REISHIO, Filthy Trace, Something Strange, MOJO

4/1 – Subciety Takeover: Zeplinn, Dapolitiks, Braxx, Yoko, Yung Sriracha

4/1 – Recon DnB Takeover: Ghost, Darkstar, Solid, John Glist

4/2 – Smoakland w/ Hexed (early show)

4/2 – Smoakland w/ Hexed (late show)

4/2 – Locals In The Lounge: Atek, Milky Dubz, Subliminull, Deepskyblue, Cosmonauttt

4/3 – Smoakland w/ Hexed (early)

4/3 – Smoakland w/ Hexed (late)

4/3 – Sin7 & Friends: DiSiNtagr8, Dis_1 x Sin7, Iron Giant, MarsPluto, Aimerie, DjMT

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

3/31 – Kitchen Dwellers (early)

3/31 – Kitchen Dwellers (late)

4/1 – Kitchen Dwellers  (early)

4/1 – Kitchen Dwellers (late)

4/1 – Pick & Howl (early)

4/1 – Pick & Howl (late)


Alicia Straka, weekly roundup, this week in concerts

Alicia Straka. Photo courtesy of Alicia Straka Facebook.

3/31 – The VIP’s 

3/31 – The VIP’s (livestream)

4/1 – Alicia Straka Band, Gabriel Mervine

4/1 – Alicia Straka Band, Gabriel Mervine (livestream)

4/2 – Ron Ivory

4/2 – Ms. Nomer

4/3 – Dylan Miles Experience

4/3 – Dylan Miles Experience (livestream)

Goosetown Tavern

goosetown tavern

Photo from Goosetown Tavern’s Facebook

4/3 – Future Dub Soundsystem, Picksy & Isaiah

The Grizzly Rose

3/31- 4/5 – Ryan Trotti

Herman’s Hideaway

3/30 – Fanflex Showcase: Louise Lately, Anastasia Rose, Kedence, Pedro Meyer,  Lena Marie.

3/31 – New Talent Showcase: Kyle Szalay, Drive

4/2 –   The Showcase Vol. I: Eazy Emcee, Zakk Riffle, H the Outlier, Mizfit, Dent

4/3 – Ninety Percent 90s, Danksta, Fist Fight, Hold Me Hostage

Larimer Lounge

monk gyatso, weekly roundup, this week in concerts

Monk Gyatso. Photo courtesy of Monk Gyatso Facebook.

4/1 – Monk Gyatso (early)

Lost Lake

Grim and Darling, Weekly concerts, this week in concerts

Grim & Darling. Photo courtesy of Grim & Darling Facebook.

4/1 – Ellsworth (early)

4/1 – Ellsworth (late)

4/2 – Grim &Darling (early)

4/2 – Grim & Darling (late)

4/3 – Taylor Maxwell, JD Guthrie


3/31 – Facing West

4/1 – Andrew Vogt Quartet

4/2 – Gabriel Mervine, Greg Gisbert and friends

4/3 – GoodRattle Hardbop Quintet

4/4 – Vlad Girshevich Trio

Roxy Broadway

3/31 – Derek Dames Ohl

4/1 – Luke Britton

4/2 – Dzirae Gold

4/3 – Album Release: Jr. Rabbit

The Venue

3/31 – Open Stage

4/1 – Rattlehead, Thicker Skin, Ipecac

4/3 – Wolf Fest: Steelheart, Hericane Alice, Driven By Turmoil, Midnight Devils and more

Your Mom’s House

Dan Hochman Band, weekly roundup, weekly concerts, this week in concerts

Dan Hochman. Photo courtesy of Dan Hochman Facebook.

4/1 – FRBR Takeover: Sikie, ColdBillz, Vytal Signs, Shiftix, Ready or Not 

4/2 – Spring Sound Session: Illanthropy, Huck Jorris, Lunar Lycan (early)

4/2 – Spring Sound Session: Illanthropy, Zorp, Beezlebub (late)

4/3 – Flying Guillotine, Pocket Shuffle, Enenra (early)

4/3 – ToOch, Brixx, Rhoptra, Denizen, Crimbrule, Jakattak (late)

4/4 – Dan Hochman Band, Fletcher, The Jackson Maloney Band (early)

4/4 – The Losers Club, Hoverfly, 2 Seconds to Denver (late)