Envy Alo Finds Ways For Stayin’ Alive With “Ignite”

If you’re wondering why the name Envy Alo keeps circulating, it’s because they’ve been doing anything and everything possible to keep the music alive for the past year — all from the safety of their homes. From socially distanced shows to live streams, a solid social media presence to the release of new singles and albums, Envy Alo is searching every nook and cranny of the box while thinking completely outside of it in order to come up with new and fresh ways to make music happen, mid-pandemic. Their latest single released last month, “Ignite,” is just the latest newsworthy achievement of Envy Alo’s that deserves attention.

Envy Alo

Courtesy of Envy Alo

“Ignite” was released on Color Red, a new record label and media platform based in Denver that helps artists distribute their music while receiving the royalties they deserve. Color Red was founded by The New Mastersounds’ Eddie Roberts, who is also featured playing tambourine on the single to give it that extra zhuzh. The lengthy track sits at just over five minutes and is the first time Envy Alo has recorded to tape. Most importantly, its music and its message are exactly what we need right now. It’s got that notoriously high-energy, feel-good element that Envy Alo is consistently oozing, being one of the most reliably funky local bands on the scene. The tune’s midway point features a “half-time breakdown,” which consists of solos — from rollicking with saxophonist Kevin Supina to grooving with guitarist Kevin Hinder and bassist Karl Summers — all while keyboardist Aaron Pettine and drummer Nate Etter keep the beat.

As tight as the music on the track is, the message is even better, spoken through the wailing vocals of the always glamorous Callie Morrocco. The band described the single as a “high-altitude funk anthem for the quarantine age” — a description that really hits the nail on the head. The lyrics take the premise of the last year and they make it surprisingly fun. Lyrics like “waited for so long, isolation made us strong, here we are, united” and “you’re not alone anymore, together we’ll thrive” makes “Ignite” a genuinely positive song that makes the listener sincerely feel that it’s all good. While we’ve all been struggling through the emotional ups and downs of a life-altering, mind-boggling year, this is the anthem to raise us up and above all the crap.

What started as a traditional organ trio in 2015 has transformed into a powerhouse that is paving the way for the local funk music scene. More than that, however, Envy Alo is bringing ingenuity and immense creativity to the forefront, showing their fans and fellow musicians just how much can be accomplished with the right mindset and a positive mentality. They’re on the right track, and once the music returns, it’ll be no surprise when Envy Alo throws one hell of a dance party.

Listen to “Ignite” by Envy Alo on Spotify here.