Historic Mountain Towns Launch Online Holiday Market to Benefit Local Businesses

Leadville and Twin Lakes are launching Share the Love – an online holiday market that will benefit local artists and shop owners. The market will feature goods and unique gifts from Rocky Mountain shops, artists, attractions and nonprofits – including gift cards. Share the Love launched on Friday, November 20 and ends at noon on December 23, 2020.

“With the current pandemic and uncertainty for our local Leadville businesses, we created the Share the Love Holiday Marketplace to provide a place for businesses and artists to sell online. Many of the unique items are handmade, or not typically available online. We hope this pop-up marketplace will bring the community together and be a safe, convenient mechanism for shopping locally in Leadville, CO, during the holidays,” said Jason Hall from Alpine Furniture Co. & Gift Shoppe.

In a unique addition to the virtual holiday shop – Share the Love will also host a drawing. Those who enter will have a chance to win a gift basket. Because the holiday market is local – Share the Love encourages you to enter even if you aren’t local. All participants are eligible as long as they spend a minimum of $10 at three of the participating stores.

For those who are shopping in person – Share the Love will also be handing out Shop Small Swag passports. Each time you spend at least $10, you qualify for a stamp. Once you have obtained all three stamps – you may drop off your passport at the Visitor Center or at Grateful Paws in Leadville. In addition to passport drop-off, the local pet supply store is also showcasing local goods. As Jill Hall from Grateful Paws states, “We wanted to create a centralized location for local businesses, crafters, and non-profits to have a place to feature their items this holiday season.”

Anyone with a passport who wishes to remain socially distant may also participate by submitting photos of their passport to sharetheloveleadville@gmail.com. Make sure to include Jill in the memo and submit your photos no later than Christmas Eve. Winners will be announced on December 28, 2020.

The marketplace will take place here beginning Friday, November 20, 2020. For more information on Share the Love Online Holiday Market – go here.