Britney Jane Raises Speculation in New Single

While the pandemic has forced us all to reinvent the way we conduct our lives, there’s one aspect of life, in particular, that’s difficult enough to navigate without a pandemic — dating. R&B singer-songwriter Britney Jane reflects on this phenomenon in her latest single, “What If,” the follow up to her debut track, “Blossom,” with another genuine and heartfelt track. Speculating on the outcome of a relationship, Jane opens up and invites us to look inside her experiences once again as she steps into a burgeoning solo presence in Denver’s music scene.

“What If” explores Jane’s feelings around communication in relationships. In a time when we’re all relying on virtual methods to stay connected across socially distanced bubbles, the concept of communication is more relatable than ever. Inspired by an almost relationship, Jane explained how her experience in that situation led her to create this song. “Dating nowadays is just so weird and we all take that risk with our hearts,” she said. “We have to learn from it and move on.”

Jane presents the idea that open, honest communication can help us all have closure in our relationships, and create healthier, more stable experiences. It’s an emotionally-rich single, with Jane exposing some of her most intimate thoughts. The sparse production adds to the vulnerability of the track as Jane’s soulful voice takes the spotlight over a simple but mesmerizing beat. “What If” has an ethereal quality that makes it hard to turn away. “What if we had that conversation?” Jane ponders.“What if we sat down and talked about it with each other? If we had that conversation then, would we be together now?”Following “Blossom,” Jane continues to demonstrate her ability to stay open and sincere with her audience. Jane calls on her listeners to be unafraid to relate to the speculation of a new potential partner and encourages them to open themselves up to new encounters with honesty. “If you both aren’t on the same page at least you had that conversation and that closure,” she explained.

This new single is another indication of what we can expect from her debut EP, In My Feelings, set to be released in early 2021. Her first two singles are only an introduction into the unguarded world Jane intends to let us into.

“The album was recorded during a period of my life when I was dealing with someone that I really wanted to be with but our paths just weren’t meant to align,” she recalled.

Such affecting circumstances can only inspire the most heartfelt art, and Jane is clearly up to the challenge of translating those experiences into music that’s effortless and relatable to her listeners.

“What If” is now available on all streaming platforms. Keep up with Britney Jane on Facebook and Instagram.

All photography by Erin Dvorak, courtesy of the artist.