A Roaming DJ Truck Is Rolling Through Denver This Week

That Party Truck

Live music experiences are farther and fewer between these days due to the pandemic, however, that’s not stopping people from getting creative where they can to spread music to the masses in a safe way. From socially distanced outdoor concerts to livestream hybrids at Red Rocks, when music is available, it is a testament to the creativity in our community. This week, a new kind of experience, the Denver DJ Delivery is coming to spread music to underserved neighborhoods. The Riverfront Park Association will host the short concerts with Denver artists (including GrooveOn, DoubleCrush and MILKY.WAV) at the forefront on October 2, 3 and 4. 

The Denver DJ Delivery will begin its journey in Riverfront Park with DJs playing from atop That Party Truck, a fire truck converted into a mobile party-starter before moving to key neighborhoods including Elyria Swansea, Sun Valley, Curtis Park and Ruby Hill. Typically activations like this one more often than not skip over these neighborhoods, but the Riverfront Park Association wants to ensure that they are able to take in a surprise visit from a Denver Artist and vendor. To avoid possible overcrowding with the concept, sanctions and signs will dictate line formation and the coordinators will determine the capacity of those waiting in line. In addition, the exact location hints from the Denver DJ Delivery will be teased via social media, with the element of surprise aiding to prevent crowding. But you can track its route here.

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*Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated that Dragomi would be the vehicle that the DJ’s would play atop of, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, Dragomi had to be replaced. 

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