A Russian Wardrobe Stylist in Denver Uses Color Palettes and Selfies to Do Her Job During COVID-19

Anna Phillips moved to Denver from her hometown in Russia and has been helping style Denver locals ever since. Although most of her work usually took place online, she has had to ensure that she keeps up with her clientele during the pandemic exclusively online. Wardrobe styling everywhere typically involves meeting in-person to understand someone’s style, persona and goals with their new wardrobe, however with COVID-19 still in full force, the entire process is now virtual, at least for Phillips.

To Phillips, color is everything. She takes us through her styling process and how creating color palettes is a crucial first step when styling already existing and new clients.

303 Magazine: Did you always have an interest in fashion growing up? Where did your journey with it all start?

Anna Phillips: I remember myself when I was 13, thinking “how awesome it would be helping people to choose what to wear.” But growing up in Russia there was no such thing as an education in wardrobe styling. Now, I read books about colors and fashion. Last year I went to see the Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum four times. One of my visits was with the curator of the Dior exhibit, the amazing Florence Müller. Oh my, it was an incredible experience to listen to Florence.

303: Piggy-backing off of my previous question, what motivated you to officially pursue a career in the fashion and styling field? And what influenced you to begin your own business?

AP: Since I was a child, I loved making people look like professional models just by being who they really are. But I got my master’s degree in business. While I was getting my education, I decided to get into professional photography. During that time I would help my clients to choose what to wear to their photo-shoot with me, so they can look incredible without Photoshop and expensive makeup. Later it became my slogan “ You will look like a professional model just being YOU.”

303: What landed you in Denver and made you want to start a business here?

AP: My husband got a new opportunity to pursue his career in Denver, so I started my business in Denver three years ago. Funny this is my third time starting my business all over again and every time when I start, I always start with the fashion industry. When we moved to Arizona, I immediately started to work my way up in the fashion industry and became an in-house photographer for PHXFW (Phoenix Fashion Week). When we moved to Denver, I worked very hard and became an in-house photographer for the Paper Fashion Show and then tried DFW (Denver Fashion Week). So I could see all the fashion designs and trends of the local designers.

303: Can you tell me about some of the work you’ve done? Take me through the styling process.

AP: Currently with COVID-19 all of my work is online. Fortunately, I am able to do work pretty easily. All I need my clients to do is send me a selfie. With that photo, I can run my color process and create a custom color palette. If they also want a body shape-analysis, then I need two photos of them wearing a swimming suit or tight sportswear. I also have packages and rates if a customer would like a greater understanding of their color palette and/or body shape, to go through their closet, specific clothing recommendations as well as personal shopping.

I absolutely LOVE color-analyzing and making suggestions on what to wear to look like a supermodel. I create a custom color palette for each client. This color palette will have three types of colors — base colors, main colors and accent colors. All of them are made for different purposes within your wardrobe. Also, I ask my clients what they do and what their goals are with their new wardrobe.

303: Would you say that fashion and styling influence your daily life outside of work? How so?

AP: I am funny that way, I dress up when I go out with my family. Even going to Home Depot I look too fancy. The only difference — for obvious reason, because we all need to wear masks — I cannot wear red lipstick. Even buying pajamas I always look if it’s the right color and fabric for me.

303: What do you hope for the future of Anna Phillips Styling?

AP: I hope to keep growing and help people with their fashion goals! Right now, almost every day I try to write/post on my Instagram something useful for my followers. I do a lot of posts about “what to wear” and “what to avoid wearing” with specific body shapes etc. This month I am hoping to write a big article about how to buy accessories for your wardrobe in the right colors, shapes and materials.

All photography provided by Anna Phillips 

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