Where To Drop-off Your Ballot in Denver

With the troubling news concerning new voter suppression tactics that are aimed at mail-in ballots, many might be wondering what to do in Colorado come November. After all, Colorado has employed a mail-in ballot voting system since 2013 and residents choose mail-in over in-person voting regardless of whether they live in an urban or rural area. It is one of five states that already had mail-in voting systems in place before the pandemic.

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Voting with mail-in ballots has proven to be an effective and reliable way to count votes. But, if you’re worried about the fate of the USPS or about whether your ballot might get lost in the mail, there are other ways to drop off your ballot. In fact, Denver (and Colorado more generally) might be one of the easiest places to cast a vote in the US because there are multiple options to choose from and the city makes it convenient, accessible and transparent.

Aside from mailing it, voters are able to vote in person or drop off their mail-in ballots at 24-hour locations in the weeks leading up to the election. Some locations even offer drive-through service, which is especially handy during a pandemic.

All of these locations are noted in this map, put together by the City of Denver. The map includes the opening date for temporary drop-off spots and the hours of operation. It’s also interactive, so you can type in your address or even just a zip code and it will show the nearest location to vote.

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Find the interactive map at www.denvergov.org/maps/map/electionservices

Quick facts about Colorado’s mail-in voting system: 

  • When you get a driver’s license at the DMV in Colorado, your information is automatically registered for you to vote.
  • Your ballot will be mailed to you about one month before any election
  • You do not need to mail it back in order for it to count, but you do have to drop it off at a voting location
  • You can track your ballot once you’ve mailed it or dropped it off by using this intelligent ballot-tracking system
  • Make sure to sign the back of your envelope, no matter how you decide to cast your ballot because that is an essential step to ensure that your vote is counted.

Check your registration status and registered address here if you haven’t received a ballot in the mail in the past or if you need to update any information.