New Fitness Series Comes to Downtown Denver this August

This summer, Denver Arts & Venues has teamed up with 10 local fitness studios and cultural arts organizations to bring exercise and culture to downtown.

Starting this August, the Sculpture Park Fitness Series will consist of 60-minute classes at Sculpture Park in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. 

“Part of the fun of the Arts Complex is the diversity of what’s presented here, and we’re hoping to reflect that in what we’re doing at Sculpture Park, COVID-19 or otherwise,” said venue director Mark Heiser. “Denver is fortunate to have really creative cultural partners and studios who will guarantee that this isn’t fitness as usual.”

The classes include dance, cardio, boot camp, high-intensity interval training, meditation, barre, yoga and more. The classes offered are open to all levels of experience. 

Sculpture Park. Photo via Shutterstock.

Denver Arts & Venues has partnered with many local fitness studios including Barre3, BLOCK21, Bodies by Perseverance, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, CM Dance, Edgar L. Page: Feel the Movement, Endorphin, Hot Mamas, Luna Vibrations and Palango! Fitness. 

“Many of these studios and organizations have been limited in how they can operate due to COVID-19. This series allows the venue team to program the park in a new way, while also giving the partners an opportunity to get back in front of an audience and do what they love. We’re looking forward to welcoming guests again,” Heiser said.

This program will run every Tuesday and Thursday beginning August 4 and going through September 29. There will be multiple sessions per day where social distancing circles will be marked to safely exercise.  All participants are asked to wear face coverings and follow city and state COVID-19 mandates while participating. 

Tickets for the events are on sale now on Check out new ways to support local businesses, while getting your sweat on. 

For more information on the new Sculpture Park Fitness Series, visit their website