A Denver Company is Helping Laid Off Yoga Teachers While Offering Pay-What-You-Can Classes

Good Elephant, a Denver-based company and community of health and wellness classes has announced the launch of the Elephant Fund

The Elephant Fund, which in part still raises money for elephant rescues, pools money to offer a pay-what-you-can model of virtual classes while still providing a living wage for employees and teachers. With this model, members can add a small donation, similar to how grocery stores or retail shops ask to round up for a good cause. 

The initiative also helps yoga and wellness professionals who have been laid off with recent closures of studios and cancellations of in-person events. If a member cannot pay for an event and opts to join for free, the Elephant Fund will compensate the teacher, no matter what. 

Photo courtesy of Good Elephant on Facebook.

“The Elephant Fund is an extension of Good Elephant’s mission to make transformational experiences more inclusive and affordable for new people to try,” said Good Elephant founder and CEO Allie Reitz. “We believe that money should not be a hindrance to achieving connection and personal growth.” 

Good Elephant also announced that for Denver yoga, meditation, art and cooking instructors are provided with a free 60-day opportunity to teach online classes in front of a local and national audience while getting paid. Good Elephant provides live streaming software and technical support among other things for their teachers. Creating this online platform for the communities to still thrive and connect was something important to Reitz and Good Elephant. 

“The most exciting part of us is that with our in-person classes we were really local, which was great,” she said. “But with the virtual classes we’ve been able to reach people all over the United States and we even have a teacher from the UK now.”

For more information about the Elephant Fund, visit their website

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