This Week In Concerts – Desirae Garcia, Float Like A Buffalo, Mux Mool and More

NPR's Tiny Desk
Photo by Kori Hazel.

The Denver music scene is on a slow track to recovery. It will take time, and lots of it, before the Mile High City music scene is operating at the level it was before coronavirus hit. Venues such as Larimer Lounge and Lost Lake are holding some in-person shows while other venues such as Swallow Hill Music and Dazzle are presenting virtual concerts. Until Denver’s music scene is back at full health, we put together a list of concerts going on across Denver music scene this week.

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

7/18 – Manic Focus w/ SuperVision, MIDIcinal, LWKY, Flats Stanlie

Larimer Lounge

Photo courtesy of Mux Mool on Facebook.

7/17 – Mux Mool (Early Show)

7/17 – Mux Mool (Late Show)

7/18 – High Country Hustle (Early Show)

7/18 – High Country Hustle (Late Show)

Nocturne Jazz

7/15 – Paul Mulliken + Joey Glassman Quartet

7/16 – Peter Stoltzman Trio

7/17 – The Ben Markley Trio

7/18 – Alejandro Castaño Quartet

7/19 – Bob Bowman Trio

Lost Lake

Float Like a Buffalo
Photo taken from Float Like a Buffalo’s Facebook

7/17 – Float Like A Buffalo (Early Show)

7/17 – Float Like A Buffalo (Late Show)

7/18 – Ten Miles South

Goosetown Tavern

7/14 – Open Mic Band Jam w/ Nic Jay

Globe Hall

7/18 – Andy Sydow

Your Mom’s House Denver

7/19 – Half Past Midnight w/ Forgotten Within, Shahiye of Ra

Online/Virtual Concerts

Levitt Pavilion

NPR's Tiny Desk
Photo by Kori Hazel.

7/15 – Los Mocochetes

Dazzle Presents

7/13 – Randall Dubis Band

7/14 – The Good, the Bad, & the Devine

7/15 – Rico Jones Trio

Swallow Hill Music

7/13 – Desirae Garcia

7/14 – Ale Jiménez

7/15 – A.J. Fullerton & Jake Friel

7/16 – Aireene Espiritu

7/17 – Bridger Dunnagan

7/18 – Carla Sciaky

7/19 – Tim O’Brien w/ Jan Fabricius

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