DIA Will Require All Visitors and Passengers to Wear Masks Starting Wednesday

Following Mayor Michael Hancock’s Friday announcement, Denver International Airport (DIA) will also require everyone to wear masks starting Wednesday, May 6. The decision was announced on May 4 via a press release — as well as an interesting Star Wars-themed social media post — and applies to all passengers, visitors and employees until further notice.

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“The health and safety of our passengers and employees is our number one priority, and it is going to take all of us to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said airport CEO Kim Day. “As we slowly enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, it is important that we each take personal responsibility to keep ourselves and our community safe.”

There is one caveat, though. The press release mentions it’s likely you will have to “adjust” your mask when having your ID checked by TSA. So passengers prepare to remove or lower your mask briefly while at the airport. In addition to this announcement, DIA listed its updated health and safety measures listed below.

  • Installed over 100 hand sanitizing stations in high-traffic areas
  • Installed disinfecting wipe dispensers at each gate so passengers can wipe down their seat and tray upon boarding
  • Regularly cleaning high-touch areas including restrooms, the train to the gates and gate hold rooms
  • Disabled air hand dryers in the restrooms to reduce the spread of germs. Passengers may utilize compostable paper towels
  • Installed floor tape to indicate a safe distance to stand at customer service booths and other areas of public interaction
  • Reconfigured TSA security lines to provide more space between passengers and added signage to encourage passengers to social distance while in line
  • TSA is installing plexiglass shields at screening podiums to allow for distance between officers and passengers and the same will be installed at other areas where there is public interaction
  • Many restaurants are focusing on carryout options and others have spread out seating to accommodate for social distance
  • Closed food court seating on all three concourses

For passengers, you may have to continue to wear your masks while on your flight — as several carriers such as Southwest, United, Delta, American and Frontier airlines are now requiring you to do so. As for the airport, specific enforcement information has not yet been released, but presumably, if you want to fly — you’re going to need a mask.