Pinks Boutique Brings On-Trend, Affordable Fashion to Denver

If you’ve lived in Denver, you have heard of Pink’s Boutique — located in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. Pinks has found a way to consistently bring on-trend styles to Denver at an affordable price. If you follow the boutique on Instagram, you will most definitely see its efforts to display how the team is constantly bringing in new arrivals and trendy styles to the streets of Denver. All styles are always tried on by Pink’s team members to show how the clothing will fit and how to style it. Additionally, the girls are always available via Instagram to answer any questions and even check if they have items still in stock for customers.

Speaking with Owner, Paula Rebhun, we discovered how Pink’s manages to always have new styles coming in and how Rebhun keeps up with the ever-changing trends in fashion.

303 Magazine: What inspired you to get involved in fashion and start a business in the fashion industry?

Paula Rebhun: From early on, I always loved clothing and the excitement of the fashion world. I started modeling at a young age and worked in many areas of the fashion business. I had always dreamt of owning my own store and Pink’s was the result of that.

303: Tell us the story of Pink’s. How and why did it start and what was your goal when starting?

PR: Pinks was started in 2005 with the goal of bringing unique, affordable fashion to Denver. We also do a limited amount of pieces per style and do not bring it back again. Inventory always stays new and fresh.

Pink’s owner, Paula Rebhun.

303: For those who don’t know, how would you describe Pink’s and the styles you carry?

PR: Pink’s style is for everyone. We bring in simple, easy pieces as well as trending looks that can be worn anytime — day or night — that mothers and daughters can enjoy.

303: We constantly see Pink’s posting on Instagram with new arrivals and latest trends. How do you continue to carry on-trend styles and have new pieces in-store that you know your customers will love?

PR: Our Instagram is a very important marketing tool for Pink’s. Our customers want to see “new” as soon as we get it in. My Instagram coordinator, Hannah Sanders — as well as the employees at the store — works very hard to photograph the new pieces and post as quickly as possible. From there, I only hope that the customers will love what they see.

303: To piggyback off the previous questions, explain the buying process and how certain styles and pieces are chosen. How do you know when a certain item is meant to be in Pink’s? What do you look for?

PR: It’s hard to explain our buying process as I keep it a bit of a mystery. I will say that looking, seeking and buying never stops. I work very hard on keeping a nice flow coming in and hopefully going out with women feeling beautiful. We always want to make sure to listen to what the customers want, don’t want, and what they wish to see at Pink’s — every day is different.

303: In a world where trends are constantly changing, do you ever find it difficult to stay on-trend and carry specific styles?

PR: I do find it challenging to stay on-trend or to bring the customer what she wants. I struggle with what I want for myself versus what is best for my customers. I would say that the most difficult struggle that I have is finding unique pieces with competitive pricing. I spend many hours looking for the right denim, tops, dresses, pants, etc. for our Pink’s customers. I always like to have something different than what other boutiques are bringing in. Staying focused on what I am doing and not what others are is my top priority.

303: Any future plans for you in your fashion journey or for Pink’s that you can tell us about?

PR: I hope that Pink’s brings a fun experience to shopping in the store and that everyone finds a special piece that they feel beautiful in. I go back and forth about expansion … We will see!

All photography courtesy of Pink’s.