New Colorado Music You Should Know – January Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to [email protected] for consideration.

As we roll into a new decade, many of us are making resolutions that will hopefully define not only the next 365 days but also our next 10 years. While that often means eating fewer potato chips and hitting the gym more often, those resolutions can also reflect our passions. For many Denver residents, music is one of those passions. With talented artists across genres, there’s bound to be a band in the local scene that you can get excited about. So, if you’re looking for a way to connect your New Year’s resolutions to the local music scene, then consider making a pact with yourself to dive into the Denver music community, starting with any of these artists.

Five New Up and Coming Local Acts

The Mossgatherers

Listen if you like Dinosaur Jr.

Veterans to the local music scene, The Mossgatherers have a small but dedicated following. Their sound reflects a variety of influences, creating a distinctly unique sonic experience. With upbeat tempos and lively lyrics, The Mossgatherers’ music makes you want to get up and dance.


Listen if you like Post Malone

Born out of a love for music and fostered by high school rap-battles that took place between classes, it seems like D-Trait was born to be a rapper. With a finger on the pulse of what’s popular in music, D-Trait combines pop melodies with classic rap influences, giving his music a sound that could easily find itself on Billboards Top 100.


Listen if you like Migos

A transplant from the Carolinas, CAROLINAPLUG has impressed rap fans on YouTube with his memorable rhymes. The young rapper has released a handful of singles and two full albums in the last year, making him one you’ll want to keep up with – as there will always be a new song to look forward to.


Listen if you like TV On The Radio

Taking listeners on an adventure through history, Nadalands’ latest single explores the wild west and focuses on themes such as Manifest Destiny, and how those influences shaped the state of Colorado. The indie group pushes boundaries, building an experience that reflects on Colorado’s history, and looks towards the future of the indie music scene.

Stray The Course

Listen if you like New Found Glory

Relative newcomers to the local scene, Stray the Course has a classic pop-punk sound that is sure to delight fans of the genre. The Denver-based band’s lyrics are rebellious and fun, showcasing all of the best parts of the local pop-punk scene, making Stray The Course an instant local favorite.

Five New Local Songs

Tnertle – “Upemba’s Revenge”

Listen if you like SunSquabi

A fan favorite in the local scene, Tnertle is known for playing with genre boundaries to create a sound that you won’t hear from any other band. Their latest single, “Upemba’s Revenge,” highlights influences from around the globe and showcases a new sonic direction for the Denver-based band that is sure to excite their fans.

Neoma – “Young”

Listen if you like FKA twigs

Relatively new to the local scene, Neoma has already caught Denver’s attention.  After making a name for herself in Ecuador, it should come as no surprise that her sound quickly has become a local favorite here in Denver. Her latest album, Real, is the first release from Neoma since relocating to The Mile High City just over a year ago.

A-A-Ron – “Messed Up”

Listen if you like Kendrick Lamar

Keeping busy with a challenge to release a new song every week for a full year, A-A-Ron has had an exciting, and busy, year. “Messed Up” is an upbeat track that plays on the rapper’s namesake by highlighting a popular skit from the Comedy Central show Key and Peele.

Lief Sjostrom – “Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds”

Listen if you like  Lindsey Stirling

Indicative of Lief Sjostrom’s typical music, “Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds” is driven by the distinctive sounds of the cello. However, while the title track from Sjostrom’s recent EP points to the instrumentalist’s roots, the song also reflects a new direction that layers in additional instrumentals including drums.

Nathaniel Rateliff  – “Same Stone”

Listen if you like Guy Clark

“Same Stone,” a popular song by singer-songwriter John Prine is a somber tune that details the struggles of returning back from the Vietnam War. Performing the song as a duet, Nathaniel Rateliff is a perfect companion to Prine. Though they made no major changes to the song, Rateliff’s vocals add a new layer to the old song, making it sound brand new.

Five New Local Music Videos

Adiel Mitchell – “Restart”

Listen if you like Rich Brian

After being inspired by a beat sent to him by a friend, Adiel Mitchell wrote “Restart” quickly and recorded the single in just three hours – then filmed the music video the very next day. The song combines classic rap roots with Korean hip hop influences, for a finished product that sounds fresh and new.

LVDY – “Lean In”

Listen if you like First Aid Kit

Known for their easy-going music and laid-back presence on stage, LVDY has a local fan base that is growing faster than they ever could have expected. The duo’s authenticity and down-to-earth vibe make it easy to become a fan, and their most recent music video feels true to who they are as artists. Following the two talented ladies as they reminisce on their adventures, the video for “Lean In” invites fans to join them on their next escapade and promises that it will be a good time.

No Touch – “Church”

Listen if you like Free Nationals

A funky tune from newcomers to the Denver scene, “Church” is No Touch’s fifth single release and only their first music video. While they may be a new group in the Denver funk scene, their polished sound reflects musical expertise that only comes with experience. Already making waves with their fun sound, “Church” will only be the first of many hits from No Touch.

Danae Simone – “Swerve”

Listen if you like

A mother, entrepreneur and talented musician, Dane Simone knows exactly what it means to be a strong and independent woman. Her latest music video follows her through as she moves through Denver, mirrored by her counterpart, rapper Napalm.

HOLLR – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Listen if you like Michael Buble

Though the holidays may be at an end, there’s no reason to stop from enjoying the Christmas season just a little bit longer this year. HOLLR’s latest video release is a rendition of a holiday classic that you’ll want to stretch into the new year. Filmed inside and backlit by a Christmas tree, the video captures the cozy feeling of spending the holidays at home with your loved ones.