Former Starbucks Executives Bring a Sleek Cafe with Coohills Cuisine to Denver

On Friday, November 22 Frank and Roze will open its doors, cementing itself as one of the first businesses to establish in the ambitious 9+CO development. The stylish space is at its heart a coffee shop, but owners Brenda Godfrey and Frank Sica have built the concept hoping to encapsulate an inviting multi-use venue framed around good food, an ample selection of wine and beer and the kind of layout that invites guests to stay and lounge. The food selection — that favors seasonal tartines and toasts, freshly-baked pastries and a range of salads — is helmed by Coohills’ Tom Coohill. The items arrive with all the same attention to detail, calculated simplicity and a focus on excellent ingredients found at his namesake restaurant.

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The owners are both former Starbucks executives. Godfrey spent a decade as VP of Store Development for half the country, while Sica acted as Head of Operations for the West Coast. Frank and Roze’s streamlined approach and well-defined company culture is clearly the result of the duo’s impressive resume and years of experience. The coffee menu lacks any of the bells and whistles that have come to describe the pair’s former employer. Instead, Roze focuses on quality coffee, all sourced ethically — using farmers that make use of sustainable growing practices, pay their workers a fair wage and cultivate top-tier beans. The straightforward menu is limited to drip, cold-brew and espresso beverages with a small list of flavored syrups all being made in-house. A clean, cultivated simplicity can be found in every detail, from the straightforward menu to the elegant aesthetic choices.

Coohill’s contribution is one of the features that is sure to establish the concept as a Denver favorite, as well as giving it a tasty foundation from which to expand as a brand — something Godfrey has made clear is in the cards. The food is built for convenience but arrives with the kind of elevated consideration Coohill is known for. The salted chocolate chip cookies use Valrhona Grand Crus and the breakfast sandwich comes with thick-cut bacon and a perfectly-prepared fried egg. Cheese and charcuterie boards and a selection of small plates make up much of the lunch and dinner menu. Happy hour — available Monday-Friday from 3 – 6 p.m — features specials on wine, beer, cheese, charcuterie and small plates. While everything on the menu is built for snacking, a full meal can easily be built if combining the selections.

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As 9+CO continues to develop, it is clear that Frank and Roze will provide a nice hangout and morning engine for the area. The place has been well-designed to transform throughout the day, with music selections being carefully curated to adjust for the hour’s vibe. Denver has plenty of coffee shops to choose from. What sets Roze apart is the team’s years of combined experience, giving it palpable originality in an inarguably dense scene.

Frank and Roze is located at 4097 East 9th Ave., Denver. It will be open Monday – Saturday 5:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., and Sunday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

All photography by Adrienne Thomas.

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