A Week of Looks With Denver Stylist Avery Say

Being authentic is extremely important to local stylist, Avery Ashmore.  Her Instagram — Avery Say — is filled with honest and witty captions, as well as examples of her work, so one can get a real look into who Ashmore is. Although the 23-year-old’s weeks are always changing — abundant travel, art and work projects pack her schedule — she has somehow developed her own signature style that ranges from chic to practical depending on whether she is on location or out on the town. Her style and her work are the definition of effortlessly cool. We had to know more so Ashmore recently allowed 303 Magazine to see an up-close and genuine view of her style inspired by each day of the week.  


Avery Ashmore: I don’t plan my week out based on days, more what that day consists of, but I think it is important to start the week off as strong as possible, so let’s call this my Monday look. I’m a sucker for a good suit and of course in my favorite color, green. Coordinates like suits — or even just blazers — are a massive staple in my wardrobe. Seriously, I have too many blazers to count.


AA: I am a big fangirl. Ask anyone. So, a large part of my wardrobe consists of my favorite band tees. This Music For Cars oversized tour tee by The 1975 is likely my all-time favorite — closely contested by my vintage Hot Fuss album tee by The Killers — legend. I love pairing good edgy band merchandise with interesting pieces like this organza skirt that I cannot wait to wear all summer or every day for the rest of my life. Who knows.


AA: I love dresses, but I’m not a big dress person if that makes any sense. A lot of dresses feel far too girly for me, so most of my dresses are black — which is a big step because my whole wardrobe used to be black. My personal style is very androgynous in a way. I actually shop in the men’s department a lot. But this color-blocked dress is a keeper, and these thigh-high boots are a great way to power through the end of the week.


AA: Disney? Nope. Not a Disney fan really — sorry I know, I am Satan — but that is honestly why I thought this sweatshirt was so funny. I wear this all the time. You can never go wrong with a good sweatshirt — and I am always disappointed — so when I found this in the men’s sale section, I knew this piece would be with me until the day I die. I love a good bargain and I love some good juxtaposition.


AA: A lot of people go out on Fridays but most of my Saturdays are filled up by photo shoots, so I save the going out for Saturday night, as it’s usually an early call time and Fridays are reserved for pulling the product. Which means, time to whip out the trainers. I’m so amped that brands actually started designing cool trainers. They’re great for both distracting from my sweaty face while working out at the gym and for pairing with a leather dress or a tee with extra puffy sleeves.

Photos provided by Avery Ashmore.

  1. When a 23 calls a t-shirt, from a band formed in 2001, vintage ? I’m feeling old?

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