Fast food and gourmet don’t usually go hand in hand, however, one burger restaurant is trying to marry the two. Burgerim has materialized in Denver with one of its hundreds of locations stretching from west coast to east coast. This burger joint is a creative hybrid of Shake Shack and White Castle serving quickly prepared three-ounce burgers with a gourmet twist.

This inventive fast food chain is created by Donna Tuchner, an Israeli native who established her first hamburger franchise after spending years studying in America. In 2011, she pursued her passion for taking a timeless meal and transforming it into an inventive micro version of itself. The first Burgerim opened in Israel and not long after that, the delicious hamburger restaurant popped up all over California. Tuchner’s creation offers gourmet create-your-own sliders in over 160 cities across the nation now including Denver. In the early spring, a new venue opened in the Denver International Business Center on North Tower Road providing a unique option for burger and fries.

Burgerim stands out among other burger joints in Denver because of its fast-casual dining experience and gourmet burger toppings. One step in the door and giant flat screens illuminate the diverse menu featuring The Duo ($6.99) and The Trio ($9.99). Both meal options are classic three-ounce burgers topped with traditional burger toppings.

The power to decide every inch of the sliders start with the type of bun and trickles town to the meat selection and burger toppings. This modern burger spot offers three bun styles with the choice of 11 different patties, 12 specialty toppings and five unique sauces. The buns include a classic hamburger bun, light lettuce wrap or a gluten-free option. This made-to-order journey is followed by various meat choices like dry-aged beef, lamb, Spanish beef, falafel, Hawaiian salmon and more. Each burger comes with a selection of premium toppings ranging from fresh pineapple and sautéed mushrooms to sliced avocado and crispy onion rings.

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The star of the show, meat-wise is the lamb patty. It is the most tender and juicy selection on the menu. It pairs perfectly with oozing Swiss cheese and those sneaky hot-smoky grilled jalapeños. Each juicy slider is accompanied by a side of signature Burgerim French Fries ($2.99) that stand out just as much as those adorably delicious burgers. Rather than getting an order of conventional shoestring or crinkle cut fries—Burgerim’s are salty golden disks about the size of a dollar coin.

A delicious mini burger spot wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to order creamy milkshakes to wash down greasy fries and juicy burgers. Burgerim offers a small variety of milkshakes unlike its large variety of burger options. Each milkshake is ($3.99) with the option of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or cookies and cream.

This small restaurant is close-fitting with limited dining space for larger groups. The dining tables and bar seating are directed more towards a few groups of friends or smaller sized families. It has an archetypal burger bar atmosphere with large screen TVs featuring whatever sport is in season, even if that’s a major golf tour.

With so many other fast food burger options, Burgerim is welcomed in the Denver metro area by frequent hungry visitors. There are plans to open a few other locations in Aurora, Parker and Downtown Denver but those open dates are still yet to be determined.

Burgerim is located at 6691 N. Tower Road in Denver. Burgerim is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday through Saturday.

All photography by Brandon Johnson Photography