Your favorite intergalactic duo is back with a shiny new music video for their recently released track — “No Cake.” Babelord and her human counterpart, Daniel DiMarchi, released the ’80s arcade-themed music video early this morning. According to the duo, the song “touches upon themes [of] impermanence, negative behavioral patterns and using adversity as fuel for personal growth” — and did I mention the video features a local Instagram dog-fluencer?


“No Cake” is in keeping with Babelord’s playful nature with its use of saturated colors and textures. While lyrics like “Well it’s never satisfying, the story’s not that great/but you give away your power/every day of every hour/lost in the game/And this is your life/this is your mind/you don’t have to play,” give depth to the track and encourage the listener to think critically about behavioral patterns or habits that may not be healthy.

Free your mind by checking out “No Cake” below.

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