We’ve compiled a series of interviews with some of our favorite local artists as part of our 303 Music Vol. 2 release. Every week we’ll unveil another artist interview as they discuss what it’s like to work with Youth on Record and be a part of a curated vinyl highlighting the Denver scene. Check out 303 Music Vol. 2 to see all of the local artists we’ve partnered with and get a copy if you haven’t already.

Undergoing several incarnations, Motion Trap has performed along the front range for the better part of the last decade, making appearances at venues like Lost Lake and The Fillmore Auditorium as well as festivals like the Underground Music Showcase and the ARISE Festival in Loveland. So who better to include in our 303 Vol. 2 compilation than a band that has managed to defy traditional genre labels while still garnering a dedicated following through their engrossing live performances?

Kyle Williams and Nathan Rogers blend live music elements with sweeping electronic soundscapes, bright synths and dreamy vocals to create a truly engaging dance music listening experience. On 303 Vol. 2, we feature their infectious track, “Molecule,” from their 2017 album Heavenly Bodies as it serves as the perfect summertime anthem. Read on to find out why Motion Trap wanted to be a part of our record and what makes the Denver music scene so unique.

Photo of Motion Trap by Kelly Molumby.

303 Magazine: Why did you decide to be part of 303’s record?

Motion Trap: 303 Magazine has been such a relevant voice in the Denver music scene for the last several years that being asked to be a part of the record was a huge honor for us. Volume one was such a success and turned out amazingly. We said yes right away!

303: Do you think the Denver music scene is bigger than ever? If so, why?

Motion Trap: The scene is getting bigger and better every day. There are some really exciting bands out right now and we are seeing bigger venues like The Ogden and The Fillmore giving locals more and more love and slots on national stages. I also think opportunities such as this 303 Vol. 2 vinyl help the scene out greatly. I would like to see more management and continued support for locals. I feel like there is a glass ceiling for bands after they reach a level. And an improved blueprint for success for genres outside of jam and dubstep.

303: What do you think makes the music scene in Colorado unique?

Motion Trap: The amount of talent here is crazy. Most bands want to collaborate. We love feeling at home every time we come back from a tour.

303: Why do you think it is important to support Youth On Record?

Motion Trap: Having a positive activity for our youth while getting them involved in music is great for — not only the youth of Denver — but also helps grow the scene as well. The youth are our future and instilling a love for music in them can only help everyone!