RiNo pop-up disco joint, Yeah Baby has left the building — for renovations at least. The happy hour and late-night hot spot came to RiNo in a burst of attention-getting colors and gin-forward craft cocktails with music spinning late into the night. Conceptualized by BigWonderful founder, Josh Sampson, Yeah Baby was a unique and flamboyant addition to RiNo. From the get-go, the spot was always meant to be a six-month “pop-up” so the closure is by no means a surprise.

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However, it’s not gone for good, Yeah Baby will in the meantime, partner with BigWonderful for events like the upcoming Derby Day and Cinco De Mayo, for a uniquely curated take on the two celebrations. Likewise, it has yet to be confirmed whether Yeah Baby will reopen in the same location, but a forthcoming permanent location has been teased by them on Facebook.

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