Yeah Baby, RiNo’s newest night-life hub, opened to the public this weekend and it did not disappoint. From rolling out local, biodynamic beverages to filling the space with beats by a local DJ and doing it all in an intimate, uniquely art-centric environment — Yeah Baby made an impression from the start. And the team behind this new gin disco has no plans of slowing down.

“This idea [is] completely unique to anywhere,” explained Yeah Baby creative architect Josh Sampson.

Sampson is the founder of iconic Denver events like the BigWonderful and Friday Night Bazaar (as well as one of RiNo’s newest drinking spots — Booz Hall). He has brought unique concepts to Denver since he started the BigWonderful over five years ago and now, with Yeah Baby, he’s trying something new by collaborating with a local distillery that, in his opinion, makes some of the best booze around. Yeah Baby serves spirits by CapRock — a distillery out of Hotchkiss, Colorado that produces gin, vodka and brandy using biodynamic farming methods.

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“You have two choices in making products, you can go the high tech way, which is to have a lot of additives and play a lot of tricks on the seller [and] use a lot of fancy equipment. That’s not very sustainable. Or you could do it the old world way, which is really what the world is coming back around to because the old world way [of] low input manufacturing and low input craft creates a tastier product,” explained CapRock master distiller Lance Hanson.

These spirits are mixed into drinks like the Watermelon Love ($12) made with CapRock vodka, watermelon water, maple and lemon. And these cocktails aren’t made by bartenders, they’re made by chefs and prepared in Yeah Baby’s kitchen, rather than behind a bar. That’s because the ordering system is a bit different. Instead of waiting at the bar, you order upon entering and are given a number. The server then brings your drink to you— much like a fast-casual concept. If you need another, the server will take care of your order so you don’t have to hop back in line.

“It’s very organized, very efficient,” described Sampson.

In addition to the biodynamic, sustainable drinks this new self-proclaimed gin disco is featuring rotating installations from the woman-owned South Broadway studio Spectra Art Gallery and murals from local street artists like Casey Kawaguchi and Chris Haven. The art is by far the most eye-catching element to Yeah Baby, but what Sampson really wants everyone to focus on is what they’re drinking.

“It’s a night social club that sells the best products in the world,” he said. “And I am honored to be a part of it.”

From rotating artwork to live DJs and craft cocktails, Sampson believes Yeah Baby is something RiNo has been missing. Unfortunately, that something won’t be around for long. The pop-up will only be around for six months. Until then, find them on 28th and Walnut and check the “drink discount” calendar here for deals based on your daily hairstyle.

Yeah Baby is located at 2811 Walnut Street and open Wednesday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., and Saturday or Sunday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m

All photos by Kyle Cooper.

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