Anthony Heimann — the creative artist behind Nicholas Anthony Clothing — mixes modern, sustainable fashion with an unconventional twist. Founded in 2007, Nicholas Anthony Clothing came to be when Heimann used his creative intuition to create a truly unique line of work. “From a young age, my brother (Nicholas) and I (Anthony) were engaged by our parents to use our imagination, kindness and creative nature to reach our wildest dreams,” explained Heimann. “I sought to create a label that was a dedication to family, moreover, an image that shocked and perplexed my audiences through unexpected juxtapositions.”

The fashion scene in Denver is a huge source of inspiration for Heimann as a creator. He enhances his passions for diversity, art and community through what the Mile High City has to offer.

“The Denver fashion scene is ripe with collaborations and a strong sense of community, which I adore. Designers, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists and fashion show coordinators support each other in Denver with the same common goal,” said Heimann. “This goal is to bring attention to Denver as an innovative fashion hub of The Rocky Mountain Region where support for the city serves as a world-class destination. Denver is of course, ‘The Paris on the Platte.'”

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303 Magazine: Tell us about yourself.

Anthony Heimann: My drive to create the ultimate experience through fashion took me to study Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Johnson & Wales University in Miami from 2006 to 2011. While in South Florida I learned the process of creating high fashion. This came from unexpected and 100% recycled materials which was completely unheard of during The Great Recession of 2008.

Seeking necessity for greater creative independence, I returned home to Casper, Wyoming in 2012. During that time, I established a viable fashion industry there and joined forces in the Denver fashion community. As a designer and artist that looks to the future, I have striven to recreate the feeling of my influences both in the street and on the runway where designing, sewing and fashion have become my ultimate hobbies and pastimes.

303: What was one of your first creations? What was the inspiration behind it? 

AH: At the age of five my mother, Theresa, taught me to sew. From that moment on, my inspiration to recreate ensembles came from 1930s and 1950/60s adventure and horror films my father, John, loved to watch. These films included Journey to the Center of the Earth, Creature from the Black Lagoon and King Kong. The adventure, mystery and glamour had me hooked.

One of the first garments I created was an ensemble worn by Arlene Dahl in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. While full-sized clothing was a wonderful outlet, my first collections came in the form of sock monkey clothing. From gowns, headpieces, cloaks, blouses, robes and my stylish sock monkey — which of course I made myself — was reminiscent of the mystical world of King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone. This was mixed with the sinking of the 1912 disaster of the prominent ocean liner, RMS Titanic.

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303: Tell us a little about Nicholas Anthony Clothing. How and when did the idea for a sustainable, modern fashion line come to you?                       

AH: Nicholas Anthony Clothing came to be during a summer I returned to Casper, Wyoming from South Florida in 2007. The vast and desolate expanses of the Wyoming countryside in contrast to the urban sprawl of Miami stirred my imagination. I sought to create a label that was a dedication to family, moreover, an image that shocked and perplexed my audiences through unexpected juxtapositions.

Becoming a self-proclaimed modern sustainable fashion line comes as a result or the need to secure a future for Nicholas Anthony Clothing. In the next 10-20 years, fashion will be entirely different from what it is today.

Embedding such a philosophy into the foundation of the brand, I am able to comfortably move along with the times in a progressive and positive manner. This, of course, provides audiences with trust in a brand that takes responsibility for its materials and manufacturing processes.

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303: What attributes are most valuable to you when you create a new design? Why?   

AH: When I create new designs, my initial instinct is to produce a look that is the furthest from conventional as possible. From my perspective, the world has enough t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, gym shorts and leggings. I see the world of design and fashion as an opportunity for self-expression and confidence awareness. Fabulously unordinary clothing brings color and life to the world around us. For these reasons, my designs tend to lean towards futuristic and mythological interpretations of our global culture. Something that breaks away from the norm and brings unexpected excitement into fashion.

303: What current projects do you have in the works? Can you tell us anything about future creations?  

AH: Currently, I am working on a few new collections which will take Nicholas Anthony Clothing into a new, innovative direction. In traditional Nicholas Anthony Clothing style, there will be new future-forward looks, but in the menswear category. It might come as a shock to the audience, but the rise of a fashion trend that has been a long time coming is on the horizon. Mixing “Next Tuesday” with extraterrestrial and post-apocalyptic themes continues to inspire each collection. These new looks — through 2020 — are based upon creative taxidermy, the future of textiles and technology and the natural beauty of Colorado.

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303: What story are you trying to tell through these latest creations?  

AH: My newest to be released collections will tell a story of the changing societal environment. As I watch Generation Z grow and the Millennials mature, I cannot help but notice the acceptance of a gender-blended future. From feminized males to masculinized females, clothing is under a modern revolution. Specific garments will no longer be gender specific but moreover, apparel for humans. Each of Nicholas Anthony Clothing’s under construction collections have individual tales that will unveil themselves through photography campaigns, as well as on the runway.

303: How would you describe your personal style? What is a favorite piece of yours to wear? 

AH: My personal style tends to cover a wide range. I love bright colors, florals, bold prints, sharp suiting, military touches, tropical ease and the always classic ripped jeans paired with Ray-Ban aviators. While I love to dress up in crisp suits with sequin pocket squares, there is nothing better than working on my newest creation in something comfortable. Trouser shorts, a cotton button-down and flip-flops are the perfect match for this. My newest interest come 2019 has become the reintroduction of the hat into everyday wear.

As fast fashion continues to raise environmental and societal concerns, I find myself making more and more of my own clothing and accessories. Furthermore, this evolution in how I acquire my clothing has served as a greater purpose in getting to know myself. When it comes to my favorite personal clothing, I have one specific piece I love and keep for special occasions. This garment is a one-sleeved fully beaded jacket which started as a dress bodice. I call this a jacket because my sense of style made the back, the front and the left the right — which I find both perplexing and fascinating.

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All photography by Karson Hallaway.