A Dessert Delivery Company Just Launched in Denver

Birthday Box – Photo courtesy of The Desserted Co

This Valentine’s Day, a new dessert delivery service is hitting the streets – and doorsteps – of Denver. The Desserted Company launched this month to put an end to uninspired gift giving and make holidays a little more fun. Started by Jimmy LaPrelle, The Desserted Co is changing the way we tell our loved ones that we love them.

As a full-time sales rep, LaPrelle wanted to find fun gifts for clients to thank them for their partnership at the end of the year, but “it was just a dull process,” he explained. So after asking himself how gift giving could be more exciting on both the giving and receiving ends, he started The Desserted Co.

LaPrelle wanted to make finding the perfect gift less of a chore, especially around Valentine’s Day. “Instead of maybe buying flowers and chocolates,” LaPrelle said, Denverites can now order a fun dessert box online. There’s no need to go to to the store – or remember your wife’s favorite flowers.

What’s in the box?



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From the start, LaPrelle wanted to support small business and fill the dessert boxes with unique products that you can’t get at the store. Some of his favorite brands include Sugar and Spun cotton candy with an assortment of flavors, 7 Layer S’mores that come in a mason jar, Crispycakes with a themed treat for every occasion and Dollop – an icing that’s meant to be eaten with a spoon, not on a cupcake. In addition to the sweets, each box comes with a shadow box card complete with a personalized message – and they encourage you to make it cheeky.

LaPrelle also partnered with a local brand – Share Good Foods – to include fresh cookies and brownies. While he enjoys their freshly baked goods, he also believes in their mission. They support nonprofits that work to improve the lives of many Denver dwellers, by working with employment and job training nonprofits and other organizations that focus on helping people find employment.

Though Share Good Foods provides the only local product for The Desserted Co, LaPrelle hopes to expand to include more local and fresh products. “Our goal was to support local companies, as well as have some really neat things from outside,” always focusing on supporting small brands, LaPrelle explained. But as the company grows, the dessert-lover plans to partner with local bakeries to provide doughnuts and other goods that are made the same day they are delivered. He added, “as we grow it’s going to be even more local and more fresh.”

Dessert with a Mission

Before he’s even gotten his company off the ground, LaPrelle has already committed to doing something good for the community. From the start he always wanted to include a social enterprise aspect to The Desserted Co that was both local and made a tangible difference in the city. “We wanted to partner with a company that was doing some really good tangible work with food,” so they landed on Food for Thought.

This organization recognizes that many kids on meal assistance programs at school don’t have access to good food – or any food – between Friday’s lunch and Monday’s breakfast. With the help of a large volunteer network, Food for Thought give these students food to take home with them every Friday to last a weekend’s worth of meals.

“These kids are going to be our future leaders and the future of Denver,” LaPrelle said.  “If they can’t learn because they’re hungry, that’s a big deal.” With each dessert box purchase The Desserted Co receives, they donate funds to give one kid enough food for the weekend. “Business really has the potential to change the world,” LaPrelle explained. While nonprofits are committed to great work around the world, “businesses with profit and revenue have an excellent opportunity to really impact the world.”

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You can order here by February 13 to ensure get one by Valentine’s Day.

All photography by Evans Ousley, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. How wonderful! Amber, Jimmy’s wife, is the daughter of my very best friend! I watched her grow up, get married, and start her own family. They are truly wonderful people with good hearts and its no surprise to see them doing something that also helps others in the community! I wish them all the success in the world!

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