On Friday, February 22 the highly anticipated Broadway Market will open its doors, adding to the growing list of upscale food courts that have become a fixture of the Denver dining scene. The newly renovated space on 9th and Broadway is arguably the most stylish of the bunch — the interior is elegantly laid out and the open floor plan makes the place seem even more vast than it already is. The glossy black and white tile give the hall a proper luster and each area is neatly furnished with modern decor. The room is brightly lit and the stylish neon signs that hang in front of each restaurant further elevate the place’s flashy nature. Nine restaurants and two boutiques line the sides while a central bar makes getting drinks convenient. Best of all, the location’s proximity to Cap Hill and the many hubs of Broadway nightlife make it a good place to start a night out.

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The restaurant selection is diverse and is comprised mostly of offshoots or replicas from some of the city’s most notable restaurateurs. Diners of every ilk can find comfort in the many choices — fresh-squeezed juice, pizza, sushi, Italian street food, elegant chocolates, empanadas and curry are all nicely represented. Justin Brunson of Old Major brings a standalone location for his prized fried chicken line Royal Rooster boasting a short menu of sandwiches highlighting the well-breaded bird while Ash’kara and River and Woods owners Daniel Asher and Josh Dinar serve Ottoman-style street food at Mother Tongue. Maria Empanada is there with its fifth location and Miette et Chocolat — a truly artisanal chocolate shop with its first location at Stanley — pops up with its second incarnation. Boulder-based Wonder brings the juice, and Biju’s Little Curry Shop delivers the spice. All the menus are relatively short — a good thing considering there are nine to choose from.

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The bar is well-stocked and well-positioned for maximum visibility and the cocktail list is thoughtful without being overly daring. The real star of the show is the digitally distributed beer wall. Customers put purchasable beer-cards under the desired draft, place the magnetically equipped beer glass on the pedestal, press down and watch beer rise from beneath — truly the stuff of the future.

Shop-wise the market is stocked with the usual suspects. Velvet Wolf x Iron Wolf — a sparse and neatly orchestrated clothing boutique — is joined by Luna and Jasper, an equally tasteful and carefully curated peddler of small wares like soap, socks and jewelry. Both spots focus on unique goods and add character to the food-heavy venue.

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Broadway Market’s choice to give established chefs a chance to spread their wings and provide their expertise on a smaller scale will likely be its saving grace. Fortunately, all the involved parties bring their A-game. While the sheer volume of new food courts has become something of a running joke, Broadway Market’s unique approach and refined demeanor make it a welcome addition in an industry that has been risking oversaturation.

Broadway Market is located at 950 Broadway, Denver. Hours vary by individual participant.

All Photography by Alden Bonecutter.