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Denver-based artist, Annabelle Orsborn, is making waves in the music industry locally and globally with her unique sound and equally unique style. Releasing her first single just two years ago, Orsborn‘s music is now played in more than 15 countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Norway, France, England, Spain, Germany, and many more. Her drive, passion and talent continually push her ahead of the music game. Orsborn is young and very hungry for success. We’re predicting it won’t be long before we see her headlining her own show at the Pepsi Center.

303 Magazine: What drove you to pursue music?

Anna Orsborn: What drove me to pursue music was passion and the responses I would get any time I would release little videos of me singing on social media. Writing has always meant a lot to me as well and I was able to interpret my feelings and understand my thoughts through writing music. Also, just knowing that I had the power in me to create my own reality was a concept I learned when I was about 18. Ever since I have created a clear vision of creating life through my passions. What drives me currently is the support and love I receive after every single creation I release. I know I am helping people bring awareness to their own lives and am able to have a relating platform for their thoughts to expand or align with.

303: How does your sense of style and music influence each other?

AO: My style and my music heavily influence each other. Every studio session I have, I have to be wearing the right outfit that aligns with the way I am feeling in that moment and is congruent with the song I am recording or working on that day. Often times my outfit will make me feel at ease or hyped up depending on the event or session I have planned. I would say my fashion influences my music more than my music influences my fashion but it can go both ways. As an example, if I am wearing a business dress and heals, I am often in the headspace of productivity, business and a boss mindset. This drives me to write about the struggles of being an entrepreneur or my daily life of a boss lady. If I am in sweats, I often make beats that you are able to dance to or just chill out and meditate or do yoga to. It all depends but I will literally change my outfit to create the headspace I want to be in.

303: You have a very unique sound and style. Who were some of your early influences in music and fashion?

AO: I was homeschooled for the majority of my life and sheltered from most music and all TV so I did not grow up knowing the greatest in music or in fashion. I have no influences when it comes to fashion, I just think I have all of these designs that have somehow entered into my mind and I am able to go to thrift stores and style myself how I feel. I really just enjoy putting individual pieces together to create wild looks. As far as music goes, I don’t strive to sound or be like any particular artist. I just enjoy good music that makes your soul feel some type of way. I love different aspects about individuals music such as the way the producer constructed the beat or the lyrical flow. Some artists who inspire me in all elements of their content are Lauren Hill, J Cole, Rufus De Sol, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, ZHU and many others. I think my unique sound comes from me liking all types of music and wanting to incorporate all of those styles into one song or different projects.

303: What do you want the Denver community to know about you?

AO: I would love Denver to know that I am a native and look to break every boundary in the music industry locally and worldwide. I spend about half of each year in Denver and the other half traveling to experience and create elsewhere. I love Denver as a hub and my whole team lives here so my gratitude for this state and its energy is endless. But I also don’t ever want to be called a “Denver artist.” That’s why I haven’t tried putting too much time into Denver itself and try to expand my brand and music as much as I can. I am currently in over 15 countries and building followers and listeners in new areas every day. I would love the community’s support as I release new content via social media and music streaming platforms.

I would like them to know this is only my second year in the game and I am thriving more than ever. I just dropped an EP called Mood On The Moon on December 21 with a video for the single “Forever” as well. I will be dropping a couple more EPs this year and throwing some special events. Not many people know, but I also own an entertainment company called Annabelle Entertainment. We specialize in private parties, fashion shows and music showcases. I started the company back in 2016 as a platform for my own music so I could throw my own events and headline them. I have been able to throw my own Hip Hop fashion shows and put together a whole corporate event. All is possible and I like to create environments for people to feel their most comfortable and dance the night away.

I also started to DJ last year and do that as a part-time job which helps me to invest right back into myself and my music.

303: When preparing for a show, what is your process when choosing an outfit and where are your favorite places to find clothing.

AO: When preparing for a show, I often think about what I am going to wear first because I get so excited. It is one of my favorite parts about shows because I have two dancers and it is always fun to have them on each side of me matching and coordinating my outfit with theirs. We normally get Gina and Sheridan’s outfits picked out first then I choose mine after. We love the thrift store, Forever 21, and Fashion Nova for their cute styles but dancewear works well too. These stores make it easy and quick to shop because we all work so much we barely have time to go out and shop.

303: Knowing artists are forever evolving, where do you see your style and music 10 years from now?

AO: 10 years from now I will have completed several world tours and my fashion brand will be alive and well. Once music provides me with the funds, I will then invest those millions into my high-end brand, do several different special events and produce my own fashion shows. I have a seven-step vision, music being number one and fashion being number two. I will at least complete step three within 10 years and starting on steps four through seven which includes my vineyard, ranch and resort. I see myself traveling the world with my team creating and owning properties in New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

All photography by Enrique Parrillo

Makeup and Hair by Bobbie Jean