Denver Fashion Week (DFW) presented by Mile High Luxury Real Estate kicked off again this year with eight full days of exciting shows and various workshops. There was a Children and Teenager Fashion Show, a local designers’ showcase featuring top names like Tyne Hall, Rachel Marie Hurst, Steve Sells and Topping Designs. Garbarini presented a night full of national designers’ fall trends, DFW produced its first streetwear night and the Hair Show closed out the week with looks as dramatic as they were inspiring. The audience came dressed in looks as equally impressive as those on the runway, so we put together the following list of some of the striking styles the attendees brought out this year.

Sunday, November 4

Alexander Silver wore Zara.

Wyne Bu wore a blue denim jumpsuit styled by IBK fashion boutique.

Amayas Gonzalez wore a mix of Profanity and handmade DIY. Their inspiration comes from Tokyo Fashion and the ‘80s.

Ricardo Ribera rocked his off-duty runway outfit. His ‘70s jacket is from a thrift shop.

Tiffany Blackmer and Kate Maruno stunned in their fashionable outfits. Tiffany loves Mondo and prefers a mix of vintage and modern.

Sydney Jefferson and Jane Wagner dressed to impress for the first day of the show.

Khiember Luangphithack honored Allison Nicole Designs in this incredible dress.

Bri Maxwell wore a mixture of Goodwill and Vince Camuto. She wanted to add some color to her wardrobe for DFW.

Alondra O styled Forever 21 and World Market for this look.

Eve Erdenebat wore Zara and apparel from a local fashion boutique in California. Her inspiration comes from models such as Bella Hadid for a classic look.

Hailey Spung wore an eclectic mixture of apparel that brought this look together.


Thursday, November 8

Jay Savage, when in doubt wears denim. His inspiration came from the Tommy Hilfiger Denim Campaign.

Tacha Richardson wore her very own customized jacket.

Koya Nyangi loves the baggy flared tracksuit pants look. She paired it with a red belt bag.

Joshua Williams wore A Vintage Frame of Mind.

Sheilah Rakocobao was inspired by a ’90s Aaliyah look.

Dominic Chavez wore a Supreme pullover.

Alaina Rodriguez mixed and matched clothing from her very own closet.

David Bywater wore Station. He loves to stand out in his bold outfits.

Suzanne Simone’s inspiration came from the funky and fresh street style of DFW. Her shirt was from Cache, her belt was from Brighton and her jacket was from Marshall’s.

Mariah Law wanted to show up for the event by wearing this eccentric outfit. Her top was from Forever 21.

Abena Antwiwaa wore A Vintage Frame of Mind.

Hailey Spung was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana for her look.

Blues artist, Erica Brown, put together this black denim jumper with a rhinestone belt and knee-high boots.

Jacob Adams wore his red jacket from Guatemala.

 Saturday, November 10

This gorgeous white dress and fur vest were combined apparel from ASOS and Macy’s.

Brandi White was inspired to wear this dress based on the overall comfort and details.

Elena Oman looked fierce in these pieces she pulled from her closet.

Evan Petersen pulled off these red overalls with perfection.

Marissa V mastered this look by Chanel.

Kitaen Jones loves a good mix of prints. She also thrifted this Ralph Lauren shirt herself.

Erika Law worked this faux fur cropped jacket.

Dray Scurry got his go-to look from Amazon.           

Sunday, November 11

Mak Brumm wore her everyday style.

Katey Laurel wore her vintage coyote jacket with knee-high boots by Ralph Lauren. She enjoys secondhand fashion because it utilizes a sustainable approach.

Autumn King rocked all vintage for the show.

Aries Golster caught our attention with this red tracksuit from Forever 21.

Fashion blogger, Yasmin Isra, was a delight in this Rachel Marie Hurst dress. It was made with a royal inspiration in mind.

November 4 and November 8 photography by Bridget Burnett.     

November 10 and November 11 photography by Kyle Cooper.                                                                                                 

Editor’s Note: Updated on August 8, 2022 to remove a photo.