Toys aren’t just for kids. They’re also for art collectors. That’s at least how Kidrobot sees them.

The Colorado-based company produces designer toys with the help of artists from all over the world. Some of their toys rely on the cultish fan base for shows like The Simpsons and Adventure Time, movies like Deadpool and Ghostbusters and other licensed characters. But a vast amount of their toys are designed with an artists’ own creativity and are released in limited editions — making them an approachable way to purchase original art and a desirable thing to collect. Once you are introduced to the world of Kidrobot toys, you’ll start to notice them sitting on the mantles and bookshelves of art lovers everywhere.

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Customized MUNNY by JPOart. Photo courtesy of Kidrobot on Facebook

On Friday, Kidrobot will showcase and put up for sale some customized toys by a diverse and impressive list of mostly Colorado artists at BAIT for Show me the Munny. The focus of the show is on street artists — a sought-after genre in Denver at the moment, especially in the wake of CRUSH’s recent transformation of RiNo and quite a few artists at the show participated in the urban art festival, too. The style of Kidrobot toy is a “MUNNY” — a 3D blank canvas — and each MUNNY will be sold based on a silent auction from 7 to 10 p.m. With over 17 artists participating, this show will not only have a little bit of every style, but it might also be a little competitive if you want to take one home. 

Usually, the Kidrobot toys are designed by artists who sell their work in some other forms — like sculpture, print or paint — but this show gives you the rare opportunity to bring some of the streets to your mantle or bookshelf. With these MUNNY toys, you don’t need a blank wall or canvas to support your favorite Denver locals — just some cash and a few seasons of Storage Wars under your belt.

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Fulfill your needs in the graffiti department with designs from Denver’s own Jher, DF Crew or Robin Munro (the founder of CRUSH) — all instrumental in the acceptance, tolerance and eventually embracing of graffiti and street art in Denver. Jeremiah Clark (aka Jher) splits his time between graffiti writing, street art and as the co-owner of Landmark Tattoo. The DF Crew, which for this show includes legendary graffiti writers Tuke and Emit, commands respect in the Denver graffiti scene for their persistent efforts in the early ’90s. Both Tuke and Emit will have their own MUNNY at the show.

For those more interested in murals, characters and abstract street art, look forward to the designs of Rumtum — a musician and visual artist with a keen eye for explosive color schemes and a penchant for whimsical, nature-inspired scenes; DINKC — the unmistakable master of a bold, graphic style that is heavily inspired by his Mexican heritage; Mike Graves — the Denver native who imagines fantastical characters (with the help of his young daughter) that never cease to bring a smile to passers-by; Pat Milbery — one of the founders of local artist collective So-Gnar Creative Division, responsible for the “Love This City” murals around Denver; or Esic — the muralist who uses a unique technique to create compositions so colorful and fluent, the spray paint may as well be watercolor. Also look forward to the designs of Anna Charney, Jon Stommel from Rather Severe, John Ogrdnick (aka JPOart), Adam Ian Psybe, Mr. Mars, Scott Knecht (aka BigFoot), Zach Yarrington, MDMN and Hollis + Lana.

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Show Me the MUNNY will be held at BAIT, 1962 Blake Street, on Friday, September 21 from 7 to 10 p.m. All MUNNY customized toys will be up for sale, but you’ll have to compete with other interested parties if you want to take one home. Beverages and food will be provided by sponsors.