Uber just launched dockless electric bikes in Denver. So if scooters aren’t your jam, now you have the means to zip around the city. The ride-share company will release 250 bikes into the city in neighborhoods like the Highlands and RiNo to LoDo and Cherry Creek. The bikes will take patrons from point A to B at roughly the same speed as electric scooters — 20 miles per hour. The bikes cost $1 to start and $0.15 per minute after your first five minutes.

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“Our mission at JUMP is to get more people on bikes, so they have affordable and convenient ways to move around without needing a car,” said Ryan Rzepecki, co-founder and CEO of JUMP bikes. “We believe bike share will be a permanent cornerstone of Denver’s transportation system, and give Denver residents yet another option to move about the city. Affordable and environmentally friendly, bike share has the potential to ease congestion and helps to support Denver’s mobility goals.”

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Whether through bikes, scooters or rideshare, Uber’s aim is to get people outside of their personal cars by whatever means necessary. Since the launch of JUMP bikes back in 2017 in San Francisco, they’ve been spreading to cities across the country like Washington DC, Chicago, Austin and now Denver.

“They’re actually all throughout the downtown greater downtown area,” explained Stephanie Sedlak with Uber communications Southwest. “If you open up your Uber app now and click on the left-hand side it will pull up a map and you’ll be able to see the outline of the covered area.”

Much like with electric scooters, JUMP bikes are equipped with technology that allows riders to both locate the bikes and ride responsibly. Called “Lock To,” this technology encourages responsible parking by requiring bike users to lock the bike to existing bike racks when their ride is complete and GPS features that help riders find bikes around the city.

JUMP bikes were released today and you can find and use them in neighborhoods across the city by simply logging on to your Uber app, tapping the Uber menu in the top left corner and selecting “bikes” to locate your ride. For more information check them out here.