The 50-piece electronic-goth rock band itchy-O just dropped their new music video for “Black Mist.” Known for their electronica and metal-infused drumline sound and proclivity for pyrotechnics, the band’s live shows are legendary. Recently, the group sold out Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf with Dan Deacon opening for them. The new video promises the same greatness. Dark and beautiful, the “Black Mist” video is a natural progression from their previous percussion-heavy work. Will Kinston and AJ Koch oversaw the direction of the video produced by Denver-based animation production house Stranger Studios with original artwork by Sarah Menzel.

In a press release, Stranger Studios said, “‘Black Mist’ was a perfect opportunity to create a unique brand of entertainment. We started with a shared vision and were offered plenty of chances to improvise and adapt as we worked through it. Should the stars align, we would jump at the opportunity to work with Itchy-O again.”

This is the first track from their forthcoming third album Mystic Spy | Psykho Dojo. Avant-guard rockers that they are, the album promises deep conceptualization via two themes — “a realm of esoteric trickery and espionage and a parallel universe of deep martial psychic discipline.” The record will be released August 11. That night, the band will play a release show with Denver rock band Codename: Carter at the Gothic Theatre.

Check out the video below to experience the madness. Go here for tickets to the album release party on August 11.