Music is a universal language that has the ability to effortlessly connect with all walks of life. A form of soundwaves as distinct as classical music proves to be an alleviating method of peace and tranquility. It is a calming culture that tends to be underestimated and deserves a sense of significant exposure. Given the present day awareness of mental illness and breaks due to stress factors, symphonic melodies should practically become a necessity for everyone. Luckily, Denver provides some of the finest chamber outlets for people to access.

There’s more to the Mile High City than what lies on the surface — if one digs deep through the layers of puffy clouds and scorching sunshine, there is an illuminated gem made up of harmonizing orchestrations that is readily available for everyone to experience. Some fortunate beings have already discovered this secret of attainable relaxation and others will discover it as we speak. With that being said, there are various classical organizations that collectively contribute to local growth and musical development for those who wish to be awakened by a sense of soothing meditation in the upcoming months.

The Colorado Symphony performs classical music at Boettcher Music Hall

Photo courtesy of the Colorado Symphony

Colorado Symphony is a critically acclaimed orchestra established in 1989 located right in the heart of downtown Denver with main performances at Boettcher Concert Hall. They offer a range of traditional to contemporary music as one of the leading orchestras in the United States while also providing education and outreach programs for any age. Not only that, but they perform at several well-known venues such as the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, the Arvada Center Outdoor Amphitheatre and more. To put the icing on the cake for cinema enthusiasts, they also feature Movie at the Symphony for those who feel enticed by live articulations of noteworthy goodness in classic films. Colorado Symphony is particularly recognized for presenting legendary performances at Red Rocks in their Summer Concert Series — including upcoming events with Sarah McLachlan on July 26 and Yo-Yo Ma Performing Bach on August 1. Also, check out what you missed at their most previous event with singer-songwriter Seal on July 15 and be on the lookout for their collaboration with funk band Lettuce at Boettcher Hall on November 10.

The Colorado Symphony performs classical music at Red Rocks

Photo courtesy of Brandon Marshall

Denver Philharmonic Orchestra holds an unparalleled devotion to music — think of a redefined atmosphere of community engagement. They have numerous activities and events in store for the next couple seasons and are particularly proud of their transatlantic partnership with the Bavarian Philharmonic in Munich, Germany. Overall, this Denver based orchestra is a positive outlet for emerging classical musicians who want to get their feet wet in a sea of overflowing compositions.

The instrumentation of the Colorado Wind Ensemble distributes audial beauty to those who have a hankering for soft and delicate arrangements. Their musicianship provides a unique touch to the classical world by utilizing the breath and colors of the wind that each instrument produces, not to mention the heartbeat of percussion. Make sure to check out their upcoming performance — Summer Sounds at Curtis Park on August 4 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Consider The Denver Brass as one of the most eclectic groups in the region. They have a long-standing tradition of encompassing communal diversity since 1981. Their brass-made creations offer a plethora of sensations including bagpipes, fiddles, steel drums and beyond. Aside from classical, they incorporate a musical palate of jazz and multi-cultural fusions to pique every person’s interest. Take a look at their previous event — Good Vibrations.

Colorado Chamber Players includes an intimate group of musicians that hold top-level talent who perform all over the Rocky Mountain region. With the celebration of their 24th season, they continuously master a present awareness of collaboration with close bonds in order to paint a depiction of what it means to musically fabricate strong connections.

Photo courtesy of Zena Ballas

All of these pacifying outlets formulate an entanglement of value, understanding and vitality. The influence of symphonic harmonies has made an outstanding impact on Denver’s musical culture and is ultimately shaping the city as a whole. Fundamentally, it reminds us of the magnitude of familiarity and interconnectedness. Listening to soft arrangements chemically enhances molecular compounds, reduces anxiety, improves performance and eases stubborn melancholy. Its benefits indefinitely compose positive effects on the human soul as well as surface true meaning buried within music. On a side note, classical music was playing in the background the entire time while writing this and it is certainly something to vouch for. Stay tuned, folks.