You can’t go wrong with listening to your favorite tracks on vinyl. And whether you’re into blues, jazz, hip-hop, reggae or a good cinema soundtrack, we can all appreciate the pops, scratches and rich sound that this classic method of music brings. On April 21, Summit Music Hall is hosting a massive vinyl event — more than 10,000 vinyl records will be for sale for 99 cents and all others will be sold for two for one. The event was sparked in February when Ryan Dykstra hosted a vinyl record sale at Lincoln St Station. It brought in more than 2,400 people in one of the biggest vinyl parties in Colorado history. And was so popular that the team has decided to do it again. In addition to rock-bottom record deals, the event will feature performances by Lea Luna and deejay diabolic, drink specials, a poster art showcase and more. Oh, and admission is free.

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Lea Luna, one of the headlining acts, is a local EDM artist known for blending underground beats with higher ground vocals. She has performed nationally and abroad an has gained attention across Colorado in prominent venues like Beta Nightclub. She will be joined by deejay diabolic, another beloved DJ who has been in the game since 1993. These two acts, coupled with more than 10,00 vinyl spanning nearly every genre, drinks and the poster art showcase are reason enough to be at Summit Music Hall April 21.

The event will begin at noon on April 21 and end at 4 p.m. at Summit Music Hall, 1902 Blake Street, Denver. 

Editor’s note: a previous version of this article said the event was on April 23. The event is on April 21. We regret the error. 

Summit Music Hall late at night. Photography By Kyle Cooper