It’s all about house music.

And for anyone who’s into EDM, what we’re about to tell you is huge. Parisian future house pioneer Tchami is partnering with Malaa for the “No Redemption Tour.” This highly anticipated 11-day tour will bring together the unique talents of two EDM giants, a truly can’t miss combination. Tchami said on the event announcement page, 

“We each have our own specific sound. Malaa’s music embraces the early street vibe of house music from its origin in the streets of Chicago and Detroit. My sound portrays another side of the genre: positive, spiritual. This project combines the two elements and messages to represent house music as a whole while creating something new. The best of both worlds. This tour will give fans the opportunity to see the different worlds come together quite literally in the unique products that will depict two elements, both visually and musically, on stage.”

The partnership is a match made in-house music heaven. Martin Joseph Leonard Bresso (Tchami) has been regarded as a pioneer of future house music. He is currently part of the Pardon My French team, a collective of four French DJs composed of DJ Snake, Mercer, Malaa and himself. His single “Missing You,” gained more than three million Soundcloud plays. Now, on the heels of his second EP “Revelations,” he’s partnering with Malaa to bring Red Rocks to the ground.

Tchami is upfront with his public persona. Malaa, on the other hand, has yet to be unmasked. The bass-house DJ (or DJs) that make up this mysterious group have yet to reveal the Malaa identity, an identity embodied by the iconic ski-masked stage presence. And the music is just as sinister as the appearance. With millions of Soundcloud plays and a fierce international following, Malaa has climbed their way to the top of international EDM charts. These two are some of the most highly-praised DJs in the EDM game and this show is a can’t miss opportunity. Their musical endeavors showcase a perfect blend of unique sounds and effortless collaboration. And this tour will be no different.

The show is Friday, May 11. Doors open at 6 p.m. at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 2, here.