Señor Bear will begin serving a Latin-inspired brunch this Sunday, complete with all the trimmings you’d expect at a fun-fueled brunch plus some surprises — including bottomless sangria, a frozen sherry cobbler, house-turned chorizo, dunkable churros and more. We dropped by the quaint LoHi kitchen to have a seat at the chef’s table with chef Blake Edmunds and the rest of the staff for a sneak peek at what the freshest contender in the Denver’s brunch scene has to offer.

The Food

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The food menu retains as much fusion of traditional Latin cuisine and technical innovation as you would expect if you are familiar with its dinner menu. The kitchen will offer food inspired by a variety of different nations — from Mexican classics like chilaquiles ($13) to Portuguese misto quente (ham and cheese, $13) — Señor Bear’s brunch menu screams new Latin American fusion.

Highlights from the menu include the chicken fried steak ($19), which sits atop a heaping portion of smooth, white corn grits and garnished with pickled chilies and a chimichurri sauce. The dish swings flavor full circle — from classic roadside diner preparation to a one-of-a-kind Latin American-spiced asada. The Coddled Egg ($11) is truly a pot of umami — the egg is slowly steamed to silky, yolky perfection and comes paired with a sweet bacon jam, fried shallot and beautifully placed oyster mushrooms. This is a dish to rip, dip, dunk and share with the entire table. The Frita Cubana Burger ($15) — by far the heaviest offering on the menu — is a sandwich fit to fill a void in the emptiest of hungover souls. This beast features a beef patty, chorizo, bacon, melted muenster cheese and caramelized onions fresh off the grill — the sandwich is finished with a side of golden crisp shoestring fries just like a traditional Frita Cubana. The menu will also include a colorfully fresh vegan açai bowl ($9) and braised pig ear papas fritas ($7).

The Drinks 

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The refreshments from the bar include several plays on traditional cocktails like the michelada ($9) paired with a shot of mezcal or the Señor Cup ($10) — a spin on a classic Pimm’s Cup but with passionfruit and Señor Bear’s very own brandy. The most shocking item on the beverage menu is the red and white bottomless sangria ($15) — and both are far beyond average.

The red sangria is Malbec-based and finished with pomegranate juice, figs, apples and aged Cachaça. The white sangria is Pinot Grigio based and completed with apple juice, mulling spices and Señor Bear’s brandy. Both red and white pack a punch and both are available in bottomless portions. The Frozen Sherry Cobbler ($10) will make use of the restaurants slushy machine every Sunday morning to crank out another delicious fortified wine cocktail. The adult slushy combines an acidic citrus zing accompanied by fresh mint and agave sweetness. The Amontillado sherry is a darker shade that gives a nutty tobacco finish that builds strong character in this refreshment.  

Señor Bear is located at 3301 Tejon Street, Denver. Brunch is available every Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

All photography by Tyler Wernet.