The Top Food Instagrammers to Follow in Denver

The Denver food scene has clearly grown in popularity over the past few years, and with that have come some major food Instagram accounts — many of whom are being followed by people around the country.

To add some food to your Instagram feed, we spent some time talking with Colorado-grown Instagrammers that have attracted tens of thousands of followers from all around the world with their carefully curated, Mile High munchie-filled feeds. If you aren’t already following these accounts, its time you get scrolling. 

And, to make it more interesting, we asked all seven about their experiences as a major food ‘grammer and the best things they’ve eaten in the city in 2017.


Photo courtesy of @milehighandhungry

Name: Chloe Rekow

Bio: “the best eats & drinks around Denver.” 

Followers: 27.7k

Occupation: Head of brand social media at Inspirato —  luxury destination club

Favorite Restaurant This Year: White Pie Denver — 1702 Humboldt St., Denver

Best Bite of 2017: Chicken Parmesan at Quality Italian — 241 Columbine St., Denver

Best Sip of 2017: Red White and Blue Blazer or the Knickerbocker at Union Lodge No. 1 — 1543 Champa St., Denver

In Her Words:  “It has been crucial for me to work on creating and maintaining relationships, and continually building awareness around my brand in an organic way. I have spent countless hours engaging with like-minded accounts, working with local restaurants to showcase unique items on their menu, and using social media best practices and tools such as the right hashtags, geo-tagging, and taking my audience behind the scenes with Instagram stories. In all of that, the most important is committing myself to maintaining an authentic voice and always being honest with my followers. “


Photo courtesy of @hungryhungry_hipsters

Name: Ashley and Christian

Bio:  “Christian + Ashley Date Night Enthusiasts ? October 7th 2017 ❤”

Followers: 4,114

Occupation: Office Manager and IT Engineer

Favorite Restaurant This Year: Emmerson — 1600 Pearl St., St. #100, Boulder

Favorite Bite of 17’: Fried Brussels sprouts at There… — 3254 Navajo St., Denver

Favorite Sip of 17’: Wake’n Bacon at Hearth & Dram — 1801 Wewatta St., Denver

In Christian’s Words: “Well, it started by me taking Ashley on dates, and we posted up the pics to share with our friends. She’s my best friend in the world and we have the best time eating together. I think staying true to ‘us’ has come through on our page and we love involving our fans in our shenanigans… “


Photo courtesy of @10kcalories

Name: Amanda

Bio: “San Francisco Food Coma — Denver / San Francisco / Bay Area foodie overeating ? are my own eating adventures…”

Followers: 17.6k

Occupation: Mobile App Product Manager at OpenTable

Favorite Restaurant This Year: Kobe An in LoHi — 3400 Osage St., Denver

Favorite bite of 17’: Chicken and Waffles at The Nickel — 1100 14th St., Denver

Favorite sip of 17’: Bloody Mary FLIGHT at Sassafras — 2637 W 26th Ave., Denver

In Her Words: “I grew my following first and foremost by having a steady stream of tasty, calorie-laden dishes 🙂 I feel lucky to have an awesome foodie community full of supportive and fun people who work together to share fun spots and dishes that keep my feed fresh and exciting. On top of that, I’ve grown by engaging with those who follow me who then spread the word about that 10kcal lifestyle.”


Photo courtesy of @bestboozedenver

Name: Jessica and Matt

Bio:  “?Your guide to Denver’s best drinks ?+ where to find them ?+ hot deals ?Cocktails ?Beer ?Wine ?Cider ?Liquor …”

Followers: 3,471

Occupation: Scientific Instrumentation director of operations and environmental education advisor

Favorite Restaurant This Year: Fish N Beer — 3510 Larimer St., Denver

Favorite Bite of 17’:  Rancher chicken sandwich from Chicken Rebel at Finn’s Manor — 2927 Larimer St., Denver

Favorite sip of 17’: Zoom Zoom Zoom from Emmerson — 1600 Pearl Street St. #100, Boulder

In Their Words: “…while there were a few Denver-based accounts focusing on alcoholic beverages, the accounts featured specific niches or categories of booze, like beer or cocktails — but never multiple categories. We wanted to be an all-inclusive experience for the Denver resident or visitor. We believe we gained our following from truly connecting with our fans via compelling imagery paired with informative captions that include a touch of storytelling.”


Photo courtesy of @denverfoodscene and @foodparooze

Name: Jen and Dayana

Bio; “? Denver’s Favorite Foodie Team! Featuring Spots in and around Denver?Colorado Based? ? …”

Followers: 43.7k

Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist and Human Development Specialist

Favorite Restaurant This Year: Sassafrass — 2637 W. 26th Ave., Denver

Favorite Bite of 17’: Southwest Burger at Sloan’s Lake Tap and Burger — 1565 Raleigh St. #100, Denver

Favorite Sip of 17’:  Lolita Martin at Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar — 1173 Delaware St., Denver

In Their Words: “We started early, and we’ve made sure that the quality of the photos on our feed are nice crisp and that they are always appetizing photos. We also make sure to notice patterns in what interests are followers so that we can share things that entice them.”


Name: Paige

Bio: “…Top Denver Dishes, email us at! #️⃣denver_eats…”

Followers: 29.1k

Occupation: Real Estate Agent with Kentwood Realty

Favorite Restaurant This Year: Izakaya Den 1487A S. Pearl St., Denver

Favorite Bite of 17’: Chicken Parmesan Pizza from Quality Italian — 241 Columbine St., Denver

Favorite Sip of 17’: Blackberry frozen house margarita from Sol Cocina — 200 Columbine St. #110, Denver 

In Her Words: “I try to interact with my followers as much as possible because I really value their support. Look out for an awesome giveaway once I hit 30k followers.”


Name: Gabbie

Bio:  “…Foodporn ??Giveaways ?Drinks ?Follow me ?DM with any ?’s ?DENVER, CO ??Photos by @capootzz ?$39 Dining Out Passbook, use code: ?MILEHIGHMUNCH2018

Followers: 8,797

Occupation: Trade recruiter for the construction industry 

Favorite Restaurant This Year: There… — 3254 Navajo St., Denver

Favorite Bite of 17’: Avocado toast at The Corner Beet — 1401 N Ogden St, Denver

Favorite Sip of 17’’: Lucious lavender mimosa from Urban Egg — 52 Springer Dr. Unit A, Highlands Ranch

In Her Words:  “I believe that if you have a passion for something, there should be nothing stopping you from going after it. It takes work though, I’m not going to lie! I think it’s all about making sure you get that perfect shot — even if you have to bring your own lighting set up (aka a selfie light from Amazon) or move about the restaurant searching for the right backdrop. Most people are drawn to food naturally, but it’s easier to love it when it aesthetically pleasing.”

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