303 Street Style – Denver Fashion Weekend Fall ’17

Denver’s largest fashion event went down this weekend. It’s safe to say that this season was like no other. From the intricate designs on the runway to the extravagant hair designs, this year’s fashion weekend left nothing to the imagination. With all that this season brought us, we cannot wait for March, especially now that we get a full week of fashion. Mark your calendars for March 18-25 as 303 Magazine serves up workshops, runways, industry events and more. There is one thing that makes every year more unique: street style. Mile Highers come from all over the city dressed to impress. Take a look at some of our favorites.

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Night One

This color of blush was very popular all three nights.
Even though it’s November, florals still made an appearance.
Velvet and burgundy were everywhere during DFW.
We were in love with this full-on feather look.
We loved this mix of patterns and texture.
This kid has some serious style sense.

Night Two + Three

Ernesto Prada commanded the attention of the room with his H&M fall collection ensemble. His outfit was inspired by women’s silhouettes.
Stephen Garcia’s outfit, cropped pants, a cut jacket and a chunky necklace, was a gift from his boyfriend Ernesto and worn with the intention to challenge masculinity and be more feminine.
Aida Mckinney wore her Marine Corps coat because she serves in the military and in observance of Veteran’s day.
For Lindsey Froling, Urban Outfitters is her one-stop shop when she needs a look in a short amount of time.
Tara Trask wowed us with her fringe jacket from her own personal brand, Molly & Gidget, and Old Gringo boots.
John Moinzad spared no designer expense with his Prada sunglasses, Ted Baker London bag, Neiman Marcus jacket, and Prada pants. He says a Peacoat is timeless and black is always a good choice.
Denise Leigh proved that wearing black to a fashion show is always a great idea, her interpretation of black is in the form of latex.
Mariela I’v, an actress, model, and DJ from Los Angeles, brought a modern vintage edge to the night with a family coat, pearls, and sparkles.
Friends, Abby Teal and Coco Y., attended DFW for the first time this year rocking trendy suits with classic accessories. They both wanted to be formal and stylish.
Bri Summerland decided to rock a TopShop jumpsuit and Sam Edelman stilettos. She told us, “I wanted to go outside of my norm for Fashion Week.”
Leah Bateman found her look at a thrift store and she chose this jumpsuit because she wanted to look different and interesting.
Donning a distressed look, Brennan Lawson was going for the Steve Jobs concept by trying to not have decision fatigue. Simplicity is always a good look.

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Rico Martinez, one of the stylists behind the scenes with Stephan Lauren, wore H&M and Pacsun threads to look stylish but with the access to get to work.
Jozef Martin designed the coat he rocked the evening with and wore Dolce & Gabbana pants with Zara shoes to complement it.
Jasmine Litvak donned stripes and was thrilled to see what DFW’s hair show would present.
Sierra Wonderlynd donned a headpiece she created with a vintage dress. She does many of the fashion shows throughout the city and she is known for designing headpieces and party dresses. “I love any chance to get dressed up and wear my pieces out. My headpiece was made from recycled materials and I call it reincarnated fashion.”
Kariba Lawson also rocked a cultural number with her African tribal jumpsuit. “I thought it was cool to do autumn colors tonight.”
The thrift stores around the Mile High City obviously have some gems because that’s where Naomi Mastis found this gorgeous red frock.
Savannah Richardson created a super simple but edgy look with a black dress and camo jacket.
The most adorable attendee from Night 3 of DFW was Liam Stracker rocking suspenders and a bowtie.
Caitlin Thomas opted for an all white look to show that white is glamorous all year round. “My brand is bridal so I am a white on white on white girl.”
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves, stole the show with her beautiful, cultural attire.
We loved this lace and rose applique dress that Emily Richmond wore from Forever 21. This was her first fashion show and she was so glad that Denver Fashion Weekend was her first.

Photos by Kyle Cooper, Amanda Piela and Rebecca Grant. 

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